Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Adventures in San Miguel de Allende

Kids are so creative!  Take them to some place where they can run and play at which time they'll come up with all kinds of scenarios.

There is a railroad car in Col. San Antonio sitting in a parking lot.  Off we walked to
play and explore the rail car.

Mati discovered this wheel that if she tried really hard she could turn.

Sebastian, when he has a chance, is all over the place and his Dad has to retrieve him from time to time.

We ran, we climbed and we played on the train car and in the parking lot.  Always seeing who was faster.

Wouldn't this rail car be a great little cabin in the woods?  I can see turning it into a home.  Adding a deck around it.  Putting in an efficiency kitchen and potty along with a sofa/bed.  Looking through the windows got my creative juices flowing.

I've seen all kinds of wondrous homes built out of the orange shipping containers. Why not this train car?

Sebastian tried to turn the wheel.  His grin just lifts my heart.

And, last but not least of the photos, I said, "SMILE so I can send this photo to Aunt Julie in Texas"
He came over, bent over and gave me the biggest, most wonderful smile to send alllllllllllll the way to Texas!
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vandy said...

We had exactly that in Bolivar when we were kids. It had the big, wide deck all around it and a wood burning potbellied stove which warmed us thru many a cold norther. The cupola was our "secret place." It was great! And it left us with many great memories.

Babs said...

Oh my gosh Vandy - how cool! Where the cupola is, I thought, why not lift the top of that and make it a bit higher, put a fence around the roof of the train with a deck up there? I could SO see that on Bolivar, which as you know I love!

I have great memories of Bolivar, although not with a train. When Dad and his friends had the Quail Ranch over there, Jennifer was a baby. We would put her play pen on the sand close to the surf and each time a wave would come in, she would squeal. I had not thought of that in years!

Anonymous said...

I guess even smiles are bigger in Texas!

Fun post!


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where this post reminded me of the train museum in San Luís de Potosí, which is worth visiting if you like large machinery. I do.

Babs said...

I did not know there is a train museum in SLP. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info....

Ron Stephens said...

Love the kid's photos, they're growing so fast....

Babs said...

Indeed they are! Thanks for commenting.........

Anonymous said...

SLP is well worth visiting for many reasons. At some point, I'll write a post about my visit there in the spring, before F and I had the pleasure of meeting you in SMA.

Babs said...

SLP is a very interesting city. I've stayed there before - years and years ago.
Two of the largest haciendas in Mexico are nearby and I've visited them to see and photograph them.
SLP was and probably still is a very wealthy city.

Gin said...

Babs, there is a great movement of young folks here in the states wanting to simplify their lives. They are moving into 200-300 ft spaces. I get a blog called Tiny house blog. Its wonderful seeing what they are accomplishing in such a small space. My favorite is a sheepherders wagon and a school bus. I have been teasing hubby about getting a school bus. Of course I'd have to hippify the outside of it. Maybe I'd show it in your car art show, lol. Aren't dreams wonderful??

Babs said...

Yes Gin, I'm familiar with that movement. I've always thought it would be fun to convert a bus or whatever!
We'll have a art vehicle parade in SMA!