Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flipping out!

This is a no photo blog.  There's a reason.  The modem on my desktop is gone, kaput, nada, black screen.
Picasa is loaded on that computer.  Today I'm on the laptop that is held together with duct tape.

I'm upstairs using the wireless internet from the guest house.  THAT is a good thing.  After more "no shows" then I could count it is hopefully finally fixed.

Last week two men showed up and said it wasn't the modem.  It was the line to the house which I felt it was also.  They changed the line from the pole to the house and it worked for 24 hours.  Then the modem went out and in and out and in.

An interesting thing has happened with Megacable.  NOW all calls go to Mexico City customer service!
There they are very sympathetic and helpful and schedule someone in San Miguel to come to your house between such and such a time.  Somehow I think THEIR modem or lines or something are not connecting to San Miguel Tech services.

Out of the blue on Friday when I wasn't here, a tech person showed up and said he wanted to check the modem.  He did and declared it defective but he didn't have any with him.  He would be back on Saturday.
You know the drill - not Saturday, not Monday.

In the meantime I'm calmly calling Mexico City and rescheduling every time they don't show...........finally on Monday night I again calmly told the young man that after two months of this I was losing my patience and to please put that in his notes.

Tuesday they were here prior to the time of the appointment.  It's Wednesday and the internet is still working.
Blessings from somewhere!

In the meantime the engine light in the car came on - its at the shop.  I had a flat tire yesterday morning when someone let the air out of  one tire at the tianguis - tire fixed.  The modem died this morning.  When I get a car I'll go get another one.  The toilet in the guest house stopped working - plumber came and its fixed.

I just thought in case people think I am bored and have nothing to do that you would like to know that life in Mexico can sometimes be just like the USA - stuff goes wrong and has to be fixed.

The good news is, other then Megacable, when I call a plumber or the gas man or the water man or the mechanic, they are here almost immediately.  AND, everything is very inexpensive.  Thank goodness.

Otherwise, I'd be flipping out.


Tancho said...

Ha, daily life in Mexico! People often ask me, what do I do all day down here?
Like yourself, there are more projects and things that need to be done that one can imagine. The thought of sitting down at the plaza daily sipping a cafecito is a luxury I can only do once or twice a week if I am lucky.....
But I wouldn't give it up without a fight!
Press On!

Babs said...

Tancho - glad to know I'm not alone!
I've been trying for two years to find time to head to your neck of the woods........haven't found the time! Ridiculous.

Unknown said...

I would say Mercury is in retrograde, but it isn't. Hopefully you got all that out of the way!

PS you have an open invitation to visit us here when the hell hot is over!!

Babs said...

It does seem to come in bunches! Thanks for the invite.....I'll be flying over Az in October but not landing.......One of my dearest friends, besides you, of course, is turning 65 on Aug 21. Sure wish I could be there for that!

Billie Mercer said...

Yeah, I've had weeks like yours but I still can't imagine living anywhere else. It is an Adventure!

Steve Cotton said...

And where would we bloggers be without these topes of life?

Babs said...

Steve, I love topes of life - great phrase.........great blog name!

Billie - I can think of lots of places to live, but, all the things that happen here happen in life no matter where you live. USUALLY life is very simple and tranquilo here.

Shannon said...

Wow, if it were me I think I might just crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

Babs said...

Shannon after reading on FB that you have another surgery on Friday, I'm embarrassed to have written such a silly post.

I just asked Todd if I can cook, drive, feed the cat or anything else to help ya'll? Let me know. I care.

Don Cuevas said...

Copy the pics to a thumb drive (USB).
Load the pics to the computer that's working. Do your Picasa thing.

Don Cuevas

Babs said...

Thanks but I don't know how to do it. In fact someone just gave me a used monitor and it has plugs and cords and stuff. I'll try to figure that out tomorrow. My computer guru said I would just use the two that are presently plugged into the non-working monitor. It's always something!