Saturday, July 20, 2013

Velcro's Routine

This past week as things settled down and I had a little time for observation as well as rest and relaxation, I've noticed something quite extraordinary about Velcro's routine.

She has a time schedule!

The day starts this way.  I have been checking the clock to see if it is the same time each day or not.
It is the same time!

She wakes me up in the morning in one of three ways to go out.  First she tries opening the door to outside with her claws.  If that doesn't work she goes to my side of the bed and bumps the closet door to wake me (it always does).  Then if I don't get up fast enough, she walks on the bookshelf above my head across to the table by the door and jumps down to wait.  By then I'm at the door to let her out.

This is at 6AM.

Then at 7:30, if I'm not up, she wakes me by shaking the screen door.  It thumps, I awaken and let her in.  She goes upstairs, eats, comes back downstairs and goes out the screen door.

She lollygags around the garden until I go upstairs to fix my coffee and possibly fix a bite to eat.  By this time she is at the kitchen door, bumps the door to let me know she's there.  (as if I didn't already know). 

She comes in, paces til I give her a wee bit of milk.  Then she jumps on the loveseat in the living room for her morning nap.  She might sleep there til noon!

I'm off doing this and that.  She goes out around 2 pm.  Back in at 4PM and sits on the chaise while I watch the 5:30 news.

When I come downstairs later in the evening - around 8, there she is.  She jumps up on the soft comforter at the foot of the bed, settles down and sleeps in that one position until 6AM in the morning.

I think I'm going to throw my watches away.  If a cat can tell what time it is without one, it seems I should be able to also.

Velcro continues to surprise me with her ability to let me know what she wants.  Her ability to exist without talking.  And her ability to terrorize the lizards on the walls and the birds in the trees.

What a life!
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5 comments: said...

It is pretty interesting, isn't it? That cats can tell time...ours even make the adjustment to daylight savings time. Gracie is a head bumper if Slick doesn't manage to get me out of bed first...7:30 am. 5 pm, all three are hungry again and Ken never fails to overfeed wonder they are fat...all but Gracie.

George Puckett said...

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Babs said...

Kay, it is totally amazing to me!
If I had not paid attention this week by checking the clock, I wouldn't have known how prompt she is!

Babs said...

George, I've sent you my email address twice. If you're just trying to promote your activities, please stop commenting on the blog.

Christine said...

Oh good! I thought we were the only ones to be bossed around by our cat. Like yours, she has numerous ways to let us know what she wants, and that she wants it NOW.