Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Lessons from Mexico

She touched my heart!  So many emotions to see this woman patiently, slowly, crossing the
paved area between the jardin and the Parroquia.  My hero.

It took her at least thirty minutes, slowly but surely to get to the church steps.  She was bound and
determined to get there..........and she did.

San Miguel is not kind with its architecture.  No such thing as ADA accessibility.  She made it up about fifteen steps and then more steps to enter the church.  I was awed by
her persistence.

I vowed not to complain when some ailment makes it difficult for me, a mere spring chicken in comparison, to get up fifteen steps.  I vowed to always remember this gentle lady on a mission.

Another "lesson from Mexico".
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calypso said...

As you suggest - quite tenacious. It is heartening as we start to approach the autumn years to see some lovely elders grinding it out.

Babs said...

It certainly is heartening Calypso. Your post on the elderly couple showed such a beautiful side of love.

Billie Mercer said...

This is a beautiful tribute to this woman and the human spirit. I'm so glad you saw it and told us. Sometimes we don't take the time to see through the jumble of what is happening in front of us.

Babs said...

Billie, that's why I like my "bench" time. It gives me time to sit and watch and focus.......hope I never get too busy to do that!