Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes

Sebastian and Matilda came here for lunch yesterday and to play.

When I'm with the children, I listen closely to what they say.  It's always a delight and surprise.

After lunch they wanted to come downstairs, climb up on Grammy's bed and look at the pictures.
So we did that. 

Sebastian got there first. Of course, he moves at warp speed.
He's definitely a 3 year old boy - all boy!  The photos above are the first he spotted.  He looked at the one to the right, which is me twenty years ago and said, "There's Grammy".  I was so surprised as I don't think I look like that at all anymore.  Then he was delighted to see he and Mati along with Mati in her pink hat in Colorado.

By now Mati was there and named all her cousins in Texas along with Aunt Julie and Uncle Rich.
It made my heart so happy that she remembers them!

Then Sebastian spotted this photo.  He said that that was he with Matilda.  I told him that actually was his Daddy and Aunt Julie.  He gave me a quizzical look.

On we went to this photo of John with my oldest granddaughter Jessica walking on the beach in Galveston, nineteen years ago. " No" said Sebastian, "that's Mati".

Then when I told them this was their Daddy almost 50 years ago with Aunt Jennifer, they were totally surprised.  The photo has faded but is still one of my favorites.  John as a pirate!

After we had spent time downstairs, Sebastian and Matilda wanted to see Velcro, who was noticeably absent.  So I suggested to Sebastian to go to the door and call Velcro to come in.  He went to the door, opened it and yelled, "Meow, Meow".  I wanted to burst out laughing but didn't.  You see, I tell them when  I see them that Velcro wants to tell them hello.  And when they ask, "What did she say?".  I always answer "Meow".

Grandchildren and children in general remind us of the inquisitiveness of life, of the softness that can be ours, and that there are many wonders out there for each of us.  If we're open enough to allow them to enter.
Listen to what comes from the mouths of babes.  It can be a delight and surprise.
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Todd said...

Too Cute!!

Hmmm, Maybe you should change the name of your blog to.....

Out Of The Mouth of Babs!!!


Shannon said...

Oh I loved this post! How sweet. Kids do say the darnedest things, LOL.