Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Mazahuas of Estado de Mexico and Michoacan

I was honored last week to be invited to Casa de la Cuesta, a bed and breakfast along with an art gallery, to meet Enriqueta Bernadino Cenobio, a Mazahua woman.  She has one many awards for her embroidery and textile work.  The MOST exquisite embroidery work I have ever seen.

The furniture above was made by her family and she embroidered the dresser and nightstand scarves along with the bedding.  The doll is dressed in the traditional dress of the Mazahua women.

You can see that Enrigueta is dressed the same as she stands with her husband behind this beautiful set that they are (and should be) very proud of.  The set was made at the request of someone in San Miguel.  It took much time to make.  Enrigueta and her husband took the bus from the northern part of Mexico to bring to this woman.  Then, the woman refused the order saying she never ordered it.

What a dilemma for a family who has no extra money!  If only I had had the 9000 pesos to buy it, I would have.

Enriqueta also brought much of her other work to show to the Toy Museum in San Miguel where much of her work is displayed.  These were things she was returning to Mexico with.  Each more exquisitely made then the next.  The detail is mind boggling.  Having embroidered since I was about six years old, my appreciation for this work knows no bounds.

Each piece is unique.  From tablecloths to book marks to drink coasters to blouses.
I oohed and aahed along with the other guests staying at Casa de la Cuesta.  We
knew we were looking at work worthy of a Great Master 

Prolific would be an understatement.  I can't imagine how
this much work could be produced!  I know how long it takes.......

The other thing that just boggled my mind was the
uniqueness of the colors, the embroidery and the patterns.

I so wanted this blouse.  I saw one similar once in the State of Tlaxcala and didn't buy it
then or last week.  I know I'll regret it.

Even working with a thicker yarn, the work is intricate.

If you're interested in seeing this magnificent work in person, you can contact Casa de la Cuesta who represents Enriqueta or go to the Toy Museum in San Miguel de Allende located at the corner of San Francisco and Nunez.

ARTES de Mexico has published a book on the Mazahuas Textiles.  It's fascinating if you're interested.
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calypso said...

Didn't you just unload a BUNCH of stuff? Seems like you should have some added space and a few shekels in your pocket - where's that shopping gal we all know and love?

Babs said...

No longer a shopping gal. Think I'm not going to replenish my folkart unless I meet a Great Master that I can't refuse.

The BIG sale is Saturday. I have been amazed at how much has sold privately already.

The money is being stowed.....not spent! The NEW me!

I'm the Mami said...

What a cool oppurtunity to meet an artist! I must admit, pretty lame that they soent time and money in making the set (bus money too) and then the woman claims she didnt order it. I wonder sometimes, do people not cinsider others when they change their minds, or was it honestly a miscommunication? Must be frustrating for the artist's family.

Be rightt back with a flickr link that I think you will love Babs. Its a researcher that studies textiles of Mxico (and more) and uploads amazing photographs of her findings all ov mexico. She also posts information about where they come from and who made them.

I'm the Mami said...

Textiles and other art of Mexico:

looked at your photos again, and wow. I can nit i agine the time invovled. It is a good thing I dint have extra pesos laying around or I would end up over my head in beautiful textile creatiosn from Mexico. Bt your new path is a good one, resist the urge to spend ! You can do it :)

Caro De Tomasi said...

Hi do you know how to contact enriqueta? Thanks a lot! Caroli a

Babs said...

Sorry, no I have no way. I met her in San Miguel de Allende. If you're in SMA, you could ask at the Toy Museum if they have contact information.

Good luck.