Saturday, May 25, 2013

Every Trip To Texas ALWAYS Includes Galveston

 The wildflowers are in abundance.  Many of the residents of the island let their yards go uncut until the wildflowers die out.  Here are just a few.
Galveston is always such fun and a unique experience.  My friends I stay with have a myriad of interests such as the Seafarer's Gala.  Therefore I am included in things that I would never think to do.   This trip was no exception.  Great meals, fun people, a weekend with my grandchildren and time at the beach.  What's not to love?

The water this trip has looked somewhat angry and not as blue or green as usual.  Prior to the tornado in Oklahoma this week, when there was the big low pressure system, the tide was really, really in and the waves were really high.  Red flags were posted for people to stay out of the water.  Some didn't of course.

In addition to all the fun and frivolity with Sue and Vandy, we closed a chapter on putting the finishing touches on their home since Hurricane Ike.  I hung art for them in several rooms.  And they finished redecking the patio.  The place looks great.  It has been a long, exhausting and arduous journey for them.

It was interesting as I was measuring and grouping and hanging art how many old memories came flooding back from my design days. I admit that in the last ten years of the business I had installation crews to hang the art, but I always did a schedule and diagram of how to hang the pieces.  To physically do it last week reminded me of when I first started.  My oh my, those were the days - of course I was stronger thirty years ago and could lug that art up on a ladder, position it, and hang it with no thought of falling off the ladder or anything lie that.  NOW I'm darn careful.

I left Galveston on Wednesday and am now firmly ensconced at my brother's house in Houston.  Next stop, who knows!  I haven't cooked since I got to Texas two and a half weeks ago.  I'm cooking for six for a Memorial Day Barbeque.  One of the guests is a chef.  Uh oh, the pressure is on!  I got all the ingredients today, will cook some tomorrow and finish up on Monday.  It will be a poolside party.  It should be fun. I love to cook when I have someone to cook for...........

Stay tuned.


Shannon said...

What fun! But please stay off those ladders! I speak from experience,LOL.

Babs said...

Yes Shannon. I think of you EVERY time I get on a ladder now!

Dan in NC said...

What you call wildflowers, aren't more than the blooming weeds at the bottom of my garden! I guess it is the perspective one has when viewing them, that makes all the difference! -- Just like everything else in life! LOL!
Dan in NC

Steve Cotton said...

When I sold the Salem house, taking down the art reminded me of the thought process that went into planning how it should be displayed. But the collection now resides with my nephew. He and his wife will have the joy of hanging it in their home.

Babs said...

That's great Steve. Now when you go to visit, you can walk down memory lane!