Saturday, April 27, 2013

The LAST Post on Items for Sale in the Great Mexican Folkart Sale - May 4th

This is the closed box of the Day of the Dead toy that has the skeleton that rises up from the coffin.
These painted ladies are part of the Mexican folkart culture.  Usually you find them in small sizes.
But, Leticia, is about 18" high.  (I have her other earring and need to put it on)  She is made by Martin Lemus of Celaya, Gto, Mexico.  Price 800 pesos or $64USD

The Village of Tenancingo is one of the main villages to go to for beautifully loomed and fringed rebozos.  The more fringe the greater the rebozo.  I purchased this in Tenancingo about 8 years ago.
The hand looming is exquisitely fine and the fringe work is very beautiful.
Price 1000 pesos or $80USD  SOLD

In my estimation, this is the piece de resistance of the sale.  It is an exquisitely hand loomed dress
made by the Amuzgo people. They are considered the finest weavers in Mexico.  They live in Oaxaca and Guerreo.  This was made in Guerreo.

Made on a backstrap loom and then hand embroidered.  This dress took from 4 to 5 months to make.

This dress shows the inside of the dress and how beautifully the embroidery work was accomplished.

Just finding these dresses is difficult.  The artisans will be in Santa Fe, NM Folk Art Show in August.
There these dresses will be well, well over $1000USD.

One size fits all.  Price 6300 pesos or $500USD.

This is it.  There will be much more at the sale and a lot has not been photographed.  If you go back through the previous posts, you can see what has sold already.

If you're interested in anything whether you're in the USA or Mexico, please contact me at the blog and we can make arrangements for your purchases.

Thanks for taking the time to look at all the things I have loved collecting over the last twelve years or so.
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Unknown said...

The Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is actually in mid-July

Babs said...

Oops, I was told August. Thanks Bob