Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SAVE THE DATE - May 4, 2013 - HUGE sale

It's time to clear out the "outsider art", the Haitian art, and, some of the Mexican folk art in a huge sale
to be held in May.
I decided to share photos of the items with all of you, in case you are collectors or just love some of these items and would like to purchase them
The first is the lighted church, hand made by Sam the Dot Man who is a well known outsider artist whose work is in the Smithsonian and in the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore along with other places.  If interested in knowing more about Sam, just google him.

I purchased this directly from him, have the sales receipt and a photo of me with him

The dimensions are 17 inches long x 13 inches wide x 21 inches high.
Price is $350 USD

I traveled by wooden boat across Lake Atitlan to meet this artist who painted the scene of
the market.  It is done in acrylics and is framed.  Dimensions 38hx29w.  Purchased seven years ago.
Price - $300 USD

Facejugs are part of the culture of North Carolina where the movement began under
the direction of B.B. Craig.  He has since passed on, but I was fortunate to buy this many, many years ago.  Dimension - 12 inches high - Price - $200 USD  SOLD

Made in a small village on Lake Patzcuaro this reed furniture is very high end.
I purchased it there but it is sold my Neiman's and Horchow among others.
The interior has a metal frame which the reed is then wrapped around.  Very sturdy.
The eyes, teeth and tongue are made from copper.
Dimension - 29lx31hx16d  Price $475 USD

Very very old Huichol Indian bead and wax musical instrument.  Purchased in last twelve years.
Dimension - 12"long   Price $40USD

Arte de Plume (feather art) is a Pre-Hispanic craft.  When Cortez came to Mexico, Montezuma, it is said, wore robes of feathers.  It is an art form that is dying away.  Only two artisans left in two different villages.  Was very popular in the 1950's.  Framed.
Dimension 16"x9" - $25 USD

Signed and framed - Dimension 13"x7" - Price $20 USD.

There is much, much more to share with you and I shall do that in succeeding days.  If you're in the USA, items can be shipped to you from the USA to your final destination, at your expense.

I'll drive them up next Fall and mail them from Texas to save you money on shipping.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this first installment.  There are 38 items, so I'll be posting about this for a few days.  OR if you're in San Miguel and want to preview, please contact me, if you're seriously interested.
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klaus said...

I imagine I have to be in Mexico to buy these. I was just in the Carolina's and would love those jugs. I also enjoy the Huichol Indian art.

klaus said...

I imagine I have to be in Mexico to buy these. I was just in the Carolina's and would love those jugs. I also enjoy the Huichol Indian art.

Babs said...

No, Karl. You could mail me a 50^% deposit to hold the items that you are interested in purchasing. Then when I get them to the USA to ship, you can mail the balance along with the cost of shipping to you.
I have another face jug that I didn't photograph if you're interested in seeing it. It is not by a famous potter, although I love it. The Huichol is something that I have never seen before or since. The colors are soft which tells me that it is very old as now they use really bright colored beads.

Calypso said...

For a moment I thought I had got on to Ebay ;-) Less is more! You are on your way - cool!

Babs said...

It's hard to believe I moved down here with 2 pickup truck loads and a car load. HOW in the world I have so much is amazing!
I'm through buying. Now I just want to pass on to others who will enjoy these things, as I did.

Shannon said...

You have some very beautiful things Barbara, and I would love to have some of them, but since we moved to San Miguel we still have boxes of art from Michoacán that are, as yet, unpacked due to lack of space.

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon - I TOTALLY understand!