Saturday, April 06, 2013

Quilting for Pleasure and Beauty

All of the photographed quilts were designed and made by Janet Avery.

She uses many techniques and fabrics to create these beautiful works of art.

Some fabrics are old pieces of clothing or fabric that she has dyed with
silk ties to provide the color or other creative endeavors.

These are DEFINITELY not your Grandma's quilts!

But, using new and old techniques, to me, they are
trans formative wall art.

It was interesting to have Janet tell me how each piece began and
evolved.  It gave me hope that I too, at some point on down the road, will be
able to create something of beauty also.

I'll just let you enjoy each and every one.  Let
me know if you're interested in purchasing anything.

I will then connect you with Janet.
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maria luz said...

My heavens! I want them all...such talent. You will get there, I just know it.

Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

mary lou

Babs said...

Hopefully in this lifetime, ha, Mary Lou.

Shannon said...

Absolutely amazing! What a talent!

I'm the Mami said...

Your friend has the touch for free motion quilting, what beautiful creations!

I love especially picture 10, 13, and 16 .

Babs said...

Mami, WE like the same ones. All have been sold now in the Quilt Sale she had.......Yes, she is very talented! I would have loved to have one but I have NO more wall space! Truly.
Thanks for commenting.

I'm the Mami said...

Good for her, they are all pieces of art I am glad she got them sold! Quilting is a labor of love, lots of time involved. I actually came back to say I also really love number 18 (the black and red and white one) . Is she teaching you to quilt (or you already know?)

Babs said...

This all started many months ago when a friend in Houston posted a photo on FB of art done with fabric!
It started me on this path as I used to do custom applique work and sell it - at least 40 years ago!
So I joined a quilters group here and met Janet and the others. The more tutorials I see and the more I read, the more overwhelmed I am at the whole idea. Not sure I have the patience for quilting but I do want to do something like wall you quilt?

I'm the Mami said...

Wall art, perfect way to quilt but less patience needed! I am a crafter at heart as well, sewing (diapers, clothes, home decor stuff) , teaching myself to knit (again for diapering needs, and baby clothes) and crochet (I NEED one of those what they call "granny square" blankets). I have quilted would am far from an expert.

Currently I am trying to plan out a quilt I want to do for our guest bedroom with a modern looking sunburst pattern on it- this shape -

But so far I haven't found much of anything as far as pattern. I may just wing it, or embroider the sun shape to the quilt after the quilt is done. I don't hand embroider well though, and my machine isnt big enough to make the sun shape as big as I want it. May have to consult you in the future on the project, since you are an embroiderer!

So great you havefound a little quilting community, learning is more fun with friends ;)

Babs said...

Where do you live? If it were me, I would cut out the starburst, finish the edges, put it on a square piece of fabric and then stitch that on the finished fabric, be it quilted or whatever.
Very few of the women in the group do their own quilting but send it out for the quilting part where someone has a longarm machine.
At least that is my understanding.
Why don't you ask around and get a group of women together. Women all over the world quilt.
I so wish I knew how to knit and daughter can do both...

I'm the Mami said...

I live in the very tip top northern edge of Mexico City. Am sure there are quilting clubs somewhere, and have actually found an english speaking knitters/crocheters club that meets once a month (but have yet to attend a meeting!) .

Life with two young ones is hard to get time to go to those sort of meetings, something always comes up! I am being patient about it though, the babes are only wittle bitty once in their lives. One day I will look back and think "whydidnt I sing just one more song or cuddle for one more afternoon nap with them when they still wanted that?" :)

I think your suggestion sounds like a fabulous idea, I havent been able to brainstorm any other way to really do it. The reason I mentioned free motion quilting (since your friend had some quilts with beautiful free motion quilting on it) is that it seems that may be the only type of quilting I have the patience and machine power for. Nw, I could be way off but will definately give it a try!

Do let me know if you hear of any quilting or crafting clubs in Mexico City, would lvoe to connect with other crafters (someday!)

Thanks again for the help!

Babs said...

I know there are groups in Mexico. The group here has gone down there for shows etc.
I'll definitely get the info for you.
I REMEMBER having wee ones! I had 3 under 4....never ending BUT I was so lucky to stay home with them.......I loved every minute of it. You'll have plenty of time later. Nothing better then a little one wrapping their arms around you or you holding them. I just did that this afternoon with two grandchildren! LOVE it.

Unknown said...

Barbara, I just came across this post again . . . thank you for sharing these photos! As you said, they've all gone on to new homes except the top one which is hanging in my studio. Fun to revisit "old friends" and think about them again. I've made so many more pieces since then -- each and every one different. Hope you're enjoying your trip.