Monday, April 29, 2013

NEVER a dull moment! Road Work in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

At the beginning of last week, as I left to walk down the hill, I saw workers at the end of the street.
Uh oh, now what?  THEN on Friday, this is what happened!

Recobbling - which means taking up the rocks, moving the dirt around and either putting in new
rocks or the same ones.  This photo is taken from my roof terrace so you can tell it was and IS
right outside my door.

My quiet little corner of the world has not been quiet today.
There is a machine, that I would call a bulldozer, out next to my house going up and down the hill
carrying dirt and rocks.

I've never seen this many workers on a project.
The supervisor is a young woman named Amanda.
She told me this would all be over by Tuesday, April 30th.

This is a time that it is good the school is across from me.  I think that is why they
are hurrying because it is so disruptive to the school.  FINALLY, they have
put in a sidewalk for the kids to walk on rather then on the road.  Improvements,
after the dust!
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Shannon said...

I guess you can't fight progress, LOL.

Tancho said...

Isn't that the same street where some truck dumped a whole bunch of concrete garbage 6 months ago?
Looks like the school has done a nice job on it's fence, no graffiti either.

Babs said...

Yes, you have a good memory Tancho.
Last night I looked out and the street is done! The dirt path to the side of my house, it looks like, is going to be cobbled! I'm astounded after 12 years of this being a path.......THAT will be nice.
Less dust and a safer path for the children going to the school.
We have very, very little graffiti in San Miguel. We have a program started by ex-pats in cooperation with the city. Either a person from the city comes to paint within 24 hrs of being notified, or most people just do it themselves as soon as it happens. Nice of you to notice!