Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Inspiration - Kay Cox

I've known many talented people in my life.  We all have.  Usually however, they are talented
in one area or the other.  My friend Kay Cox is talented in every area I can think of.
By profession she was an art therapist.  That hardly describes her accomplishments.
In fact, she went to Australia when I first met her to set up a program in Melbourne, if memory
serves me correctly.

She is a watercolorist, artist, collage artist, poet, writer, quilter, potter and
heaven knows I've forgotten a few more things!  She is such an inspiration.

The quilt above is her husband who was instrumental in the development of the
international space station and has co-authored several books with astronauts.

Kay and I met in the 1980's.  I did some design work for she and her husband on
their home.  We lived near each other and a great friendship ensued.

She also was my traveling buddy on trips to Mexico.  Oh, many tales from those trips.
She is who I traveled with to discover San Miguel de Allende!

I ALWAYS have to see Kay when I'm in the Houston area.  I have to see
what she's up to now.  She always inspires me.  I call her my hippie-chick

I like that she sees things from a slightly different perspective then I do.

And, she always encourages me in my meager endeavors, which right now
is learning to create art with fabric - call it quilting if you want - but I don't think
of it as that.

Kay's cleverness with words and images is always a delight.
I hope that in the future, I can create something that is clever and unique as well.

No matter what medium Kay is working in, the ribbons and awards continue.

It's so great to have friends that grow on a regular basis in the things they love to do.

Thanks Kay for always, always, inspiring me!
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4 comments: said...

Awww....shucks, Babs. That is so sweet. I hope I can continue to live up to all you said. Thanks but next trip, I need more time with you. You are always such a great reality check for me in my world. I need your wisdom.

Babs said...

Wisdom? You have to be kidding! ha,ha, ha. I WISH you could come down here for a few weeks.........

We could go see stuff! And, do stuff!

Shannon said...

Wow those "quilts" are really unique. I've never seen anything like that. I guess you're friend was right at the head of the line when the talent was being handed out!

Babs said...

Indeed she was Shannon! First she draws the individuals, then transfers it to fabric, stitches it etc. I think the border stamping is just beyond clever also, don't you?