Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunrise Manana - Outtahere Again

I took many, many photos of the sunsets overlooking the Pacific.  Only took one
sunrise.  I'm no longer a "morning" person unless I have to be!

However, manana at sunrise, instead of heading West, I'll be heading due North to the
Texas border to visit family (lotsa grandkids), friends, and do a little shopping for

It's been eight months - waaaaaaaaay too long to go without hugging grandkids, breaking
bread with friends and perhaps getting in a little sailing.  Probably more stuff that I have
no idea will even happen yet.

I'll be writing blogs.  Have lots to share with you from the past month and other stuff.
Stay tuned!  And, stay safe.
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Steve Cotton said...

Keep us posted.

I enjoyed a Melaque sunrise this morning,

Shannon said...

Gee, you've got the travel bug already this year. Have fun and drive carefully!