Friday, February 01, 2013

Returning to Reality

The 186 photos that I downloaded upon arriving back in San Miguel started with
the above and below photos of the live manger scene at Christmas time and

ended with sunsets.  After 30 days of no responsiblities
and activities such as sleeping late to the sound of waves,
reading books, eating seafood and drinking copius amounts
of pina coladas and Capt. Morgan's rum, it is quite a shock
to return to "to do" lists and all the things that went wrong
here in the 30 days that I remained unaware.

It is nice to see the grandkids.  The above and below photos are
of Sebastian and Matilda with a few of the Christmas gifts we
shared with them at DIF on December 27th when we had
Christmas with them.

As you can see they were happy with all things.

Staying in the country on the shore of the Pacific Ocean brings forth
cattle drives down the middle of the street of the little "Ranchito" that
I travel through on my way to the dirt road to the house.  New
babies in the crowd this year.

It rained for three days!  One morning this is the color of the atmosphere
that greeted us.  This color is not manipulated.  It is truly the color of everything
I took three photos just to prove it to myself.  It was actually chilly (in high 60's)
during the day during the rains.

THIS is the way it was the rest of the time.  Glorious blue skies.  Gorgeous
water and fabulous views.  This photo is in La Manzanilla.  A village
north of Melaque.

From the patio where I was staying the sunsets this year were
beyond exquisite.  This is looking toward the mountain that
abuts the property to the west.

The bay at Barre de Navidad has a large expanse to see the sunsets.
So going over there one night, I must have taken twenty photos
of this one sunset.  Each more beautiful then the next.  Again,
these were the actual colors - no manipulation!

Added to the joy of the continual breezes off the ocean is the wildlife
where I stay.  Instead of two horses this year, there was an addition.
This little frisky colt.  I watched her often leap in the air like a baby goat.
Just adorable.  As a city girl, I never knew when horses "whinney" that they are
talking to each other.  But, when this Mama "whinnied", Palooza the male and the
baby came to her side right away.  More stories on this and other things at a later

I end this post with this sunset photo.  This sky changed color over and over for about
twenty minutes.  It was incredibly beautiful. 

This was a full moon night.
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Rick said...

Wow, a heavenly area.

Steve Cotton said...

Sorry I missed you in Melaque this year. I am headed back for a couple of weeks later today.

Babs said...

Indeed it is Rick - one of the areas still relatively undeveloped....

Steve, sorry we didn't connect this year........but you had waaay more important things to do in Salem!

Benne' Rockett said...

Very impressive and so glad that there are undeveloped areas along the coast. Missed your post while you were gone. Hope that there are not too many issues to fix upon your return home. XXBenne'

Babs said...

Good to hear from you Benne', Think I have all the "issues" taken care to pack to leave manana for Houston. Oy vey......

Will try to post more while in Texas.

Shannon said...

Welcome home! It looks like you had a great time. The pictures were wonderful.

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon - it was indeed a wonderful month!