Thursday, February 28, 2013


You might wonder, after the long lapse of ten days, why all of a sudden I'm posting daily again.  It's because I have a little extra time.

You see, I procrastinated about going to the eye doctor and now I sit waiting for the elusive contact lense to arrive.  It's been a week.

I have no one to blame for this delay but myself.  I have NEVER been a procrastinator until the last few years.  In fact, when I had the business I would pre-plan and do things in advance, often having to redo them when a client changed his mind, not realizing that I had already completed the project.

So this trip, I left getting a new car permit until I arrive at the border rather then ordering it when I first arrived.  I certainly hope I don't live to regret it.  And, the contact lens debacle.

Yesterday, just yesterday, I finally finished completing the long "Houston list" by deciding some of it wasn't necessary and just writing it off. 

So, now with a little time on my hands I'm going to the Museum of Fine Arts with a friend to see the Prado Museum exhibit which I wanted to see a week ago but didn't have time.

It's called making the best out of an aggravating situation.  I vow not to procrastinate again.


Unknown said...

One of the benefits of retirement! Manana! Hugs

Benne' Rockett said...

Same here. I like manana better.

Babs said...

Yes, I agree with both of you. And, when in San Miguel, I can get away with it. But, just this morning I had to extend my US car ins, that I purchase when I drive up here, for an additional month since it expired today and I'm not leaving til Monday.
The price of procrastination!