Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Always a Delicious Time!

While in Houston, I always enjoy going to some favorite haunts and trying new places!  I'm a small place kinda diner.  That's kinda funny since the restaurants I designed, in many instances, were large and some were for chains.

Last week, the dining experiences ran the gamut.  Monday was a place, which now has three or four locations, called the Tasting Room. The yellow squash soup and salad were delicious, filling and remarkably inexpensive.  I looked at the dinner menu and those prices were more what I expected - more pricey.
That same night it was dinner with friends at Backstreet.  My choice.  Always good - always great service.
The crab cakes served as an appetizer were enough for me. 

I met a friend at a relatively new French restaurant, L'Olivier.  Well designed interior in what once was a retail establishment.  Great waiter.  Very unique and interesting menu.  Pate' was on as an appetizer.  Oh my it had been so long - too long.  I had that and only that as my lunch, along with the creme brulee'.  Perfect.  My friend had foie gras and creme brulee'.  We were both content and happy.  Later that day I met someone else at Los Cuco's just to catch up.  We had a couple of appetizers and drinks.  French and Mexican all in one day!  How fun..........

The journey continued the next day at a place I've passed by so many times and never went in.  What a shame!  Epicurean Bakery has a lovely ambiance, great coffee and good food.  Again, the next day I ate at a restaurant that I had heard about before I ever left Houston but never got to - Charivari on Bagby.  A delightful surprise. 

The chef/owner trained in Europe in the Black Forest area.  An extremely different and extensive menu.
Many dishes were of a German origin and since I'm of German descent, I had the sausage and potatoes.
Delicious.No need for dinner that night.........

I rounded the week out at a couple of funky places.  Tookie's in Seabrook which has handmade hamburgers and the best onion rings in the world!  I know, I know, but I don't eat them but once or twice a year. Add to that with Sonny's in Galveston that night - a really funky place that "locals" go to for great oysters, shrimp and coney dogs.  The owner is always there. It's in a former grocery store with living accomodations upstairs.
No decorator ambiance in this place - just great food and fun people.  Love it.

I realize the week covered many types of cuisine - each and every one was extremely enjoyable.  With 14,000 restaurants in the greater Houston area, one can dine on whatever cuisine strikes your fancy.

And I did!

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Shannon said...

Wow, Barbara, you've had a veritable cornucopia of FLAVOUR this week!