Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hangin' with the Houston Family

This household is like a well oiled machine.  People coming and going.  Schedules equal to a major airline!  And trying to figure out what "the plan" is, is a moot point.  There are many plans.  One for each kid - there are three still at home.

I know I lived this life once.  It boggles the mind.  My daughter is the master mind of all schedules. Such as, is Hannah going to be home for dinner or is she going to still be at Haley's house since her pig is being slaughtered today at the Rodeo...........Does Emma have a basketball game tonight or what?  And, Andrew, what about Andrew?  And, don't forget that Hannah has a choir concert tomorrow night.  Add to that maintaining the house, studying for her college degree, luckily online and making sure that dinner is ready at 5:30 so everyone can sit down together for the evening meal when Dad comes home.  Whew!

The household starts stirring at about 5AM with Rich getting ready to leave at 6AM.  Then Andrew and Hannah have to leave somewhere around 6:45 for school and I haven't figured out yet what time Emma leaves........I'm in a fog! 

Actually I'm trying to stay out of the way with coffee cup in hand.  I don't want to get swept into the car in slippers and robe for one of the forays to one of the schools.  Oh yes,  Emma goes to the Jr High and Hannah and Andrew go to the high school. 

I remember the days when I had three in three different schools.  I wanted to paint my car yellow, have a flag for additional fares and possibly a mini fridge.  It seemed like I lived in the car!  I see my daughter living the same life.

It's amazing to watch and wonderful to be part of.........last night we had movie night and watched Life of Pi.  We collectively sighed, hid our eyes and enjoyed the movie together.  Then all talked about it when it was over. 

There is nothing like hanging with family.  As Julie says, "This is how we roll!"  ha..........


Unknown said...

You are so blessed!

travel4fun said...

"There is nothing like hanging with family"....I couldn't agree more!