Sunday, December 09, 2012

I'm a Webcam Addict!

I remember last summer while visiting some friends, they were glued - well the wife was - to the computer screen watching baby owls in a nest.

I sat and watched them for all of about two minutes while NOTHING happened, then proceeded to tease her for sitting there off and on all day watching the webcam.

Paybacks are hell.  Just this week, a realty company in San Miguel went "live" with a webcam pointed at the jardin and benches. 

The site is   What fun!

I usually check it first thing in the morning when I get up and check my emails.  Not much going on then.

However, the first morning there was a dog walker with 6 dogs walking westward in front of the Parroquia, away from the webcam.  When he got past the jardin and the street that runs alongside it, all of a sudden, like a bullet, a black cat made a bee line for the jardin.  It came out of nowhere!  It looked once to the left to make sure the six dogs had not seen him and just kept on moving at the speed of light.

It made me giggle.  Truly.  Something that is free, that I can sit in my flannel pajamas and watch in the privacy of my bedroom, made me laugh out loud!

In the days since that incident, I've looked at different times.  Last night at about 8PM, Saturday night, the area in front of the Parroquia and in front of the jardin was PACKED  with people sitting on the wall, others looking at the tree, and still others playing with balloons........

If only those guys who write the State Department Travel Warnings along with the politicians that stereotype Mexico could see true life in Mexico, the whole thing would be doubly worth it.

In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy watching the antics in the jardin from my perch on the hill when I'm not down there providing antics myself.

I'll wave!
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Life's a Beach! said...

We'd love to see San Miguel. One of these days! Thanks for the glimpse. I'd be glued to that webcam too.

norm said...

The ski resorts have web cams, the week before a trip, I ware them out.

Unknown said...

Christmas Greetings!

The link didn't work for me. Is it working for everyone else???

sparks_mex said...

I tried that site a few days ago and just a blank white page. Now it says page cannot be found. No mention of it on their front page .... hmmmm

Babs said...

Oops, there should be a period between Allende.php

Sorry, thanks for letting me know!

Shannon said...

I love it too, even though I feel a little voyeuristic. Did you see Todd last night? He was in the Jardin around 8:00 PM taking pictures.

Shannon said...

Sparks, this seems to work.