Thursday, November 08, 2012

Celebrating the Victory!

Four years ago I was amazed, delighted and proud that our country had finally reached a point where skin color didn't matter anymore.  After all, its just skin.

You see, I grew up in the South with Midwestern parents who intelligently raised us with no prejudice toward anyone.  What a gift!  But, I witnessed much unkindness toward people including myself for my views.  I raised my family to be color blind.  I see the results of that on a daily basis and am so proud.

Tuesday night I was with a large group of friends to watch the election returns, with great concern.  We all knew that more money then one could imagine had been spent to defeat the current President by the Republican party and those who would gain from defeating him.

One of the joys of living in San Miguel is the HUGE contingent of Democrats, like minded people, who live here.  In fact, the Democrats Abroad chapter here is one of the largest in the World.

How refreshing to be able to express views without vicious attacks.  There are many who don't agree with each other's views or persuasions but we actually have intelligent discussions about divergent views.  It's called tolerance.  It's called respect.  It's called maturity.

All of us were surprised at how fast the whole election result process was completed.  We were prepared to be at a friend's house long into the night.

I haven't said anything about the election other then to agree with others on Facebook.  I have not made a derogatory comment against anyone.

But, I must tell you when someone asked me if I was for "free not freedom for the USA", I was speechless.  I responded by telling that person that I had never received anything free in my life, had worked 40 years, raised three kind, compassionate adult children, and now was living on social security - which I don't consider "free".  Really, how rude!

In my humble opinion, Romney's attitude that the 47% were welfare recipients, slackers and people who don't work has done a great disservice to our country. 

I sincerely hope that all people reach out to each other and embrace as citizens of the USA and the World.  After all, we are all in this together.

Congratulations to Barack Obama - we women "get it"!
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Bob Mrotek said...

I am with you Barb. I am relieved and happy that Obama won. May God bless him and his family and may God bless America and Mexico too!

Babs said...


Irene said...

It is a huge relief that we re-elected President Obama. He is right for the U.S. and for the world. I was so nervous that instead of watching election returns we watched a Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn movie and did not turn the news on until after 10 p.m. By then it was pretty much all over and the news was great!

Babs said...

I too was very nervous Irene and so relieved! If I had not been with a large group of people I don't think I could have watched either!
Such a relief!

Rick said...

It's easy to be progressive here in California the 8th largest economy in the world.

But I have the upmost respect for those who see truth where it's not fashionable. Those who will spread kindness and wisdom to others instead of fear and dogma.

My hat's off to Texans and Southerners with character, they are the 'real deal'

Benne' Rockett said...

Good Morning!
Now, you have made me curious about the Democrat contingency in my own expat community. It seemed from FB postings that we are 50%. It's been difficult for me to keep my mouth closed, especially around comments that would ensure that I would have no legal rights or ones that supported unborn children but had little concern for the living children. Those called "slackers" lost their homes and their life savings because of the last administration. Anyone, political party or otherwise, than can't take responsibility for their conduct and decisions, is not fit to be in charge. Maybe I should have moved to SM!

Unknown said...

I'm in Florida and very happy that Obama won, and more importantly that the extreme right wing philosophy lost. I didn't expect it in this state where we've been exposed to a lot of hate speech, religious fundamentalism and white supremacy groups.

My wife and I are planning to move to San Miguel (we spent a month there this past summer‚ and we'll be living largely on Social Security as well. I love the photos you post.

Babs said...

Rick - Thanks for your comments. You hit a nerve.....a positive one. My daughter in the suburbs of Houston is being ostracized by some for voting for Obama. Very disturbing. very......I told her she HAS to be true to her values and set the right example for her children - always! The heck with those intolerant folks.

Babs said...

Benne' - WE have a huge contingent from Austin. Fun to be around - like minded and happy.

I AM so hopoing somehow our country can come together and not be so divided. Gerring rid of the fear mongers on morning radio would be a start.

Babs said...

David - Thank you so much for posting. I was wondering how people in Florida feel. I was surprised and delighted that Obama carried Fla!

Look forward to meeting ya'll when you get to San Miguel.

Glad you enjoy the photos.

Read an upcoming blog about the change in residency requirements. New law..........

Unknown said...

It's interesting that you mention Austin. We lived there for most of our adult lives until moving to FL in 2000.

Babs said...

Well, you'll love it here then.

It's mostly a "live and let live" existence. There are some pretentious folks but those can be avoided, ha.

Stay in touch!

norm said...

The election was all about turnout. Had as many liberals voted in 2010 with its all important mandate of cutting up the Congressional pie, we would have a liberal Congress today. O won because he understood voter turnout and how to organize the people who drive his base. I was happy with the outcome as well.