Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Treasure from Nature

Can you figure out what this is?  It is sitting on the  seat of an outdoor chair in this photo..

I love collecting things from nature - rocks, sticks, shells, birds' nests.........and this, my first.

It was found out near Jalpa, a village about 25 minutes from San Miguel a month or so ago by my son while hiking.  He gifted me with it.

It now sits on a side table in my bedroom where I see it often.

It reminds me that pleasure comes as much, if not more so, from found objects as from things that are bought in stores.

The texture of this is intriguing to me.  It has a lacey look but is so sturdy.  I like it just sitting on the side table, but, if I wanted to make it appear really extraordinary, I could mount it in a shadow box to give it prominence.
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Unknown said...

A cactus skeleton?

Brenda Maas said...

Looks like cactus to me. They look really lacy/full of holes like that when they die and the flesh disintegrates.
I love the look of it.

norm said...

The cactus sounds as good as anything, it may be pinion or ceder wood that has sat out for 30-40 years as well.

Marc Olson said...

Looks like a weathered leaf (or "penca" as they would say in Yucatan) off of a maguey, agave or related plant.

Shannon said...

I don't know what it is,but it is very pretty and I think it would look really nice in a shadow box.

Babs said...

It actually is a dried cactus found in a field. LOVE it!

All of you are SO smart!