Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waves and Waves............of Butterflies!

 It started yesterday about 2PM.  I worked in the garden most of yesterday trimming, pruning, repotting.  When I looked around at about 1PM I was astonished how many butterflies were flitting around.  They weren't all monarchs either.

 I stopped counting at 100!  What a sight.  It was warm - mid 80's and the monarchs were sucking nectar from the bourgavilla.  Then they dipped down to the water bowls I have scattered around and then hightailed it south.

 Finally I stopped what I was doing, rested on the chaise and within 10 minutes had taken these photos.

What a gift of nature.   I had intended to be gone somewhere yesterday.  I'm so glad I was home to witness this beautiful "happening".

By the way, photographng butterflies is NOT easy.  They move faster then you could possibly imagine.  I ended up with lots of leaves and no butterflies because they moved faster then me!
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Steve Cotton said...

I had the same experience the other day with butterfly photograph. Or attempts at butterfly photography. We are not part of the monarch migration over here. But the hills are filled with confetti of butterflies.

Babs said...

Your photos are always better then mine. It was a lovely photo!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful experience. I'm glad you were able to catch a few of them in photos before they left.

sparks_mex said...

Guess that's their progress on the way to Michoacan. They were half way across the US a few weeks ago

Babs said...

I'm awed every year.
When my daughter was alive and recovering from leukemia, she and her little boy got butterfly bush, nets, etc. and raised butterflies. Christopher is now 13, his mom has been gone 8 years, but he still remembers the crysalis and cocoons, etc.
Another reason I'm so awed by the whole experience.