Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip to Glass and Candle Factory

It takes company"" coming to town to get one off the beaten track to do those trips that you say you'll do "some day". I've been telling Charlie Hall, the owner of the candle and glass etching company that I would come out to see their processes.............for two years, at least.

I finally got there last week with my friends from Galveston. Both items made by hand at the factory are exported to high end retail and wholesale suppliers in the USA. The candles, all hand made and covered, layer by layer, with wax are marketed under the name of Santa Rosa candles. One of a kind is what a hand made process produces. The handicapped workers that work in both areas are very proud of their work, as well they should be.

Charlie is physically challenged. He is so sharp, so smart and just a delightful, passionate man about his life and his business. You totally forget his challenges. He is very proud of the many employees who are physically challenged who work day in and day out making etched glass, candles, packing and shipping the products. Nothing is impossible to this group.

I've been using these candles for as long as they have been making them, I think. It used to be that you had to get them in Patzcuaro. Now there are a couple of stores in San Miguel where they can be purchased.

The woman in this photo is hand stamping each and every candle individually with the Santa Rosa crest.

It boggles the mind to see these men with such basic machinery using it to etch intricate designs into the glass. Truly amazing and inspiring. (Notice the crutches leaning up against the work table.)

I asked Charlie how much breakage they have. He said hardly any as the men know what the cost of each item is and that is a loss to the company if it gets broken. For them safety and a beautiful product is paramount.

If you want to see the whole product line, you can go to www.Rose Ann Hall Designs. That's Charlie's mom.

I wrote about Charlie in the last few years. I tried to find the previous blog, but since I don't remember the name of the blog, it is impossible.

Charlie and his beautiful products along with his wonderful business model deserve two posts, anyway.
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Babs said...

Charlie has a blog too. It is It's about his life, the business. Take time to read the story of hiring Suzanna who works at the factory. She has no arms. It will choke you up and lift your heart.