Friday, August 24, 2012

Megacable, Telmex, Clinica De la Fe and Me!

 WHAT a week!

I awoke Sunday morning "sicker then a hound dog" - that's pretty sick!  It went downhill from there.
Tuesday I roused myself from bed to drive myself to the clinic.  While driving I realized I was pretty weak and probably shouldn't be behind the wheel of the car - so I went about 20 mph on the libramento.

The doc did tests in the lab, 40 pesos ($3.20), told me I had a "raging" bacterial infection.  I mistakenly thought that was better then amoebas.  Now I understand the term "raging" better.  I've been horizontal for the most part since Sunday morning except when I was indisposed in the bano.  Not fun. The Drs. visit was 500 pesos ($40), the meds were 600 pesos ($48).  An expensive day for me!

During this time of bed rest, there has been the constant banging, tapping and scraping on the wall of the paint crew.  I use that term loosely.  I now understand psychological torture.  I tried for a day to pretend I was watching the musical ensemble "Stomp".   It didn't work.  It starts at 8:30AM and goes til 6PM each day.  Will it ever end?  Hopefully. It has almost been two weeks.

The good news is Megacable came, installed the wireless modem in the guest house and the guest, fellow blogger Steve, is in business again with his writing.  Very pleasant and competent installers.  I now have to return the unworking modem to Telmex and hope they don't charge me for "no service" ever.

My dance card, surprisingly, was very full for dinner parties this weekend.  Starting last night.  That is unusual for me.  Sadly all have been cancelled due to the fact that I'm only eating "bland" food.  Doctor's orders.
Actually I didn't even have a regular meal til last night that I cooked.  So to go to someone's home for a fine meal and not be able to eat would not be a nice thing to do.

The other good news is that I'm about eight pounds lighter since Sunday.  Not my idea of a diet but neither was the "cough drop" diet when I had whooping cough.  That was a whopping 35 pounds. 

Amazingly, even though I haven't been out of the house other then the one hour to the Dr since last Friday, I haven't had "cabin fever".  Guess "I have that going for me" as Jennifer used to say.
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Dan in NC said...

Babs, sorry to note y'all had a case of the "galloping gotchas"...hope all will be back on a steady keel shortly. If it is not too cool (or damp) sitting back under the shade on your rooftop with a good book and an iced tea, getting some fresh aire, sounds like a good way to while away the day and let the meds do their thing.. All the best..
Dan in NC

Babs said...

Sounds like a good idea Dan. I actually went up on the roof for a few minutes today. The canyon is so beautiful and green. Where the fires were last year now looks like a velvet green carpet.

Believe it or not, as much as I read, I was too sick this way to read OR watch TV! Hopefully that is alllllllllll over.