Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Toy Box

 The Toy Box is usually the first place the grandkids head when they get to my house.  But yesterday was different. 

They had not been here in over three months.  Long story.  They were so excited to see Velcro.  Not sure if Velcro shared their excitement as when they weren't looking she beat a hasty retreat out into the garden - or jungle as Sebastian describes it.
 Eventually they did head to the toy box.  Something I've always had for the grandkids no matter where I lived.  AND believe me they know it holds treasures and surprises. 

Yesterday was no exception.  Matilda found a tiara with purple stars, purple wings and a magic wand.  Sebastian found little cars, balls, and kites.

Both found new clothes.  Matilda HAD to wear her new dress.  Which by the way, "twirled".  All dresses must be tested for this desired effect.  Whew, it passed the test.

 After finding treasures, they headed to the jungle with their daddy to eat a little snack of bananas and rice cakes.  Yummmmmmmmm.

Sebastian turned around and gave me the sweetest smile.  This was after he told me about all the creatures that are in the jungle - which is my garden.

He told me there are wolves and then gave me this big grin.  Adorable.
 Needless to say, Grammy's house is full of all kinds of stuff to look at, play with and some, to take home.

Sebastian found a Huichol guitar.  He loved it.  Good taste.

The toy box tradition began back when Jessica, the oldest granddaughter (soon to be 21) started coming to my house.  Sometimes for a week at a time.  Needless to say, I had to get busy and have toys and things to entertain her.  The toy closet was born. 

She knew that was where to go to find the treasures. Crayons, paper, finger paints were some of her favorite things.  Mine too.

I would find things at garage sales or while out shopping.  Wow, when I sold the house and moved to the townhouse it was very important to have another toy closet. 

All the grandkids would head in the door and go straight to the closet.  It was fun to watch.  Well, when I moved here - no closets - only one in the bedroom.  That's right, only one. 

When I bought this box, about 10 years ago, I just liked it.  I didn't think of it as a toy box.  BUT when Matilda was born, I looked at it and knew it would be perfect.......happy colors and easy for her to open.

Now, these two sweet little ones do what the older, teenage grandkids did many years ago - they head for the treasures and surprises.

Yesterday was such a happy day.  It felt so good to be with Matilda and Sebastian again.  I look forward to many, many more happy memories.
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Cheryl said...

So glad you got to spend some time with those precious babies! Many more good times to come.

Todd said...


Irene said...

You are so blessed.

Babs said...

Cheryl - So true - it's such a blessing to have these precious children in my life.

Todd - I so agree!

Irene - Yes, I am and I know it!