Sunday, July 01, 2012

Loving Unconditionally

I always smile when people say they have pets because the pets love them unconditionally. Hmmm I think, so do grandchildren. It's such a joy. A miraculous event in my mind that there is a link from me to them. AND, they get it! Nothing is better in life then when, even as teenagers, they come to sit next to me and snuggle up for hugs. Nothing in life is much better then that.

Maybe its that I'm finally at the age where I'm so aware of each and every one of these times when they choose to want to be with me. In fact, ask to be. Teenagers. Who ever thought?
These pictures were taken recently while in Houston and Galveston. Even my lovely granddaughter, who is in college at A&M drove down to be with us. Even though she had to drive back to College Station because she has a job while going to school. My heart was so touched.

This is the first granddaughter. The one who spent weekends and sometimes a week or so at my house when growing up. I loved when she was with me. I would just watch her escapades and participate in them. It was the era of Barney. I know every song by heart. Who cared if he was purple and dorky. The fact that she loved him made me love him too. She learned to bake with me among other things. Nothing was better then piling up in the bed to watch movies together. Fantasia was one of her favorites, except for the scary parts, which I would fast forward past. I still have that very movie here and when I come across it, it always makes me smile.

What a woman she is becoming. Each and every one of the grand kids is so special in their own way. I love them (and the grandchildren in Mexico, Sebastian and Matilda) unconditionally. It's wonderful that it comes back to me from them, unconditionally.

So, pets are wonderful, I agree. But grandchildren ARE the greatest joy. The gift that keeps on giving.........with wonderful memories. Thanks kids!


alcuban said...

I agree, though not having any kids myself I guess I'll have to settle for my pets (minus a cat we had to put to sleep yesterday)


Shannon said...

I am so happy for you to be able to have such a wonderful relationship with your grandchildren. I hope that when I have them that I will be so lucky.

Babs said...

Oh no Al - I'm SO so sorry. I know you and Stew must be very sad.

Shannon - You Will!

Cheryl said...

I can't wait for Grandchildren!! Yours are just gorgeous.

Babs said...

Thanks Cheryl - I had no idea beforehand that they would all be such a joy in my life. They are as beautiful inside as out.....which makes them very special..


What a gorgeous bunch Babs.
They are pretty lucky to have a hip and happening grandmother like you. Not a daggy bone in your body.
Have a great week.

Babs said...

Belinda, thanks for the comopliment. DAGGY is a new word for me!