Thursday, June 28, 2012

Turning the Calendar Page

It truly seems unreal that when I turn the page of the calendar in a few days that it will be July 2012. Half the year will be over and moving on into the last half. I won't say, "Where does time go?" but I sure am thinking that.

I like the feeling of turning the page and usually seeing 30 or 31 blank white boxes with no plans. I know by the time that month is over that there will not be many blank boxes. The curiosity of what lies ahead is always fun to contemplate. In a positive way.

I do know that there will be company coming in August - Steve of blogger fame at Mexpatriate in the Key of Steve. I think that's the title. I still have him down as Same Life - Different Location. Then Sue and Vandy of Galveston fame will arrive for a month. THAT is always a wild ride, literally. Others from the states are contemplating visits.

There will be birthdays, lunches, gardening and reading. NO plans to travel. Well maybe a few days in Patzcauro. I feel the call. I need a Patz fix. We'll see if that happens. BUT no big trips planned. I'm just kinda in a vegging state.

With the way the weather is everywhere else in the USA and most other places, this IS the best place to be.

By the way, with the humidity in Houston plumeria (the above photo) thrive. Not so much here. I do keep trying though.

July 2012, bring it on. Cool temps - good food - good friends - good times! What's not to like about that?


Steve Cotton said...

Plumeria is at home here on the coast. They grow large enough to form trees.

Babs said...

Aren't they amazing. I had prize winning plumeria trees all over in Houston. I've surreptiously brought some cuttings back here but haven't found the "right" place for them to thrive. Although I see a few here. I love the fragrance.

Unknown said...

Honduras is definitely more comfortable than New Orleans this month. No AC needed. Cool mornings. Most afternoons are sunshine with short lived showers. My hydrangeas are happy.