Friday, June 08, 2012

Spending time and money...on the freeways

In San Miguel I hardly ever use my car so the cost of gas doesn't matter.  It costs me 400pesos, about $32 fill up the tank.  I do this about every two months.

Since I've been in Texas for three weeks I've had to fill the tank four times at a cost of $65US each time.  You do the math. 

I've spent so much time going from one side of the city to the other - 75 + miles.  Yes, Houston is spread out.
Thankfully it has good freeways as long as you travel at off times. 

Today as I headed out I smelled freshly mowed grass.  One of my favorite fragrances.  So to while the time away as I drove I thought of other things I love the fragrance of.  Here are some:  Gardenias, magnolias, a baby's skin, the sea, rain, freshly ground coffee, and coconut tanning oil, pine and eucalyptus trees.

Next thing I knew, since I had removed myself mentally from the tedious task of driving, I was at my destination.


Steve Cotton said...

I love to drive. Especially in Mexico. And I will see get that privilege.


If only we could all practice this Babs their would be a lot less road rage. Can I share with you some of my favourite scents.
Mint crushed between your fingers
Jasmine flowers at dusk
Freshly cut limes
My dogs fur when she is warm from her bed
My daughters hair
Baking bread
Have a great week
Belinda x

Christine said...

Maybe someday all cars will be electric--and then we can all really appreciate the smell of fresh air as it rolls over the mountains and plains. Which reminds me of a time I spent a week a sea. As we headed back of a sudden the breeze was all perfume. It was the smell of land!

Calypso said...

NOT EVEN going to take the bait on the male female war front. You decide and I will nod my head in agreement - yes dear!