Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ned Mercer - A true Southern gentle man

It is interesting how friendships evolve. Initially I met Billie. I don't think, at that time, she and Ned were here full time. That friendship grew. I visited them in Houston when I was up visiting.
We had not known each other when we all lived there. We met in San Miguel.

Eventually I met Ned and then always thought of them in "couple" terms. One completed the other. Lovely. Something I've aspired to have for many years.

Always total enjoyment to be with them. Always. A meal was always a time for good conversation, reminiscing and hearing about travels that Ned and Billie had taken all over Mexico and other places. Meeting their children just completed the picture - again, lovely.

I remember when they returned in 2009 from Ned's first cancer treatments. At least 100 people came to welcome them home to a wonderful party orchestrated by our dear friend Joe, who has since gone on to higher ground also. I wrote about this on 9/11/2009 in a blog that I think was entitled "Welcome home Billie and Ned".

Ned and Billie were gracious to all and thrilled and amazed at all the people there. I wasn't. They are much loved.

It's been a long three years. Good and bad. Moving forward one day at a time. Ned never giving up. Billie ALWAYS being there for her beloved Ned.

Billie eloquently said it all in her message to me. "Ned moved on to higher ground this morning".

Oh so true! I'll always miss that gentle man who I'm honored to have called a friend.


norm said...

Linda's Great Uncle was my good friend when we first married, he was in his late 80's but we clicked. One thing he said that I try to keep in mind today was his lament: All of my friends are gone. It is starting to happen to me now that 60 is looking me in the face. I try to make more of an effort to put face time on my friends now because you never know...

Sorry about your friend, cancer is such a beast.

Brenda Maas said...

Such a loss, so sad.

Shannon said...

Babs, I'm so sorry you lost your friend. It sounds like he was a lovely man.

jennifer rose said...

The last time I saw Ned was last summer. I’d planned to walk over to the Mercer house from My sister’s house on Umaran to show them my new puppy, Morgen. Along the way, a thundering herd of frighteningly wild dogs, at least a hundred in number or so it seemed, stampeded around the corner, and Morgen, who at the time had a problem with fear incontinence, managed to completely soak my jeans and shoes as she huddled close to me. I walked the remaining half-block to the Mercer home, where Ned met me outside, graciously not commenting on how I must’ve looked.

I never met anyone who had the grace, kindness, class, style, sense of humor, and dry humor that Ned possessed. He definitely was a one-off.

Steve Cotton said...

I had considered writing a post about Ned when I got the word yesterday. But I knew that someone like you, who knew him better, would know the appropriate things to say. And you have.

I enjoyed my two meetings with him last summer. He was everything I expected, and more.

I will miss him.

Babs said...

Norm, yes cancer is SUCH a beast - it took my dad, my daughter and now Ned, among others. Sad times.

Brenda, I so agree.
Shannon, I thought you and Todd knew Billie and Ned.

Jennifer, what a poignant story. Thanks for sharing.

Steve, Before I wrote anything I asked Billie last night in our phone conversation if it was all right for me to write about Ned. She agreed. I felt a responsibility to share his essence. I so hope I succeeded.
I will miss him too.

Calypso said...

Babs - Thanks for the kind words about a wonderful couple. I have never met them. But, Billie and I go way back as Bloggers; at least 5 years. After so much time they were certainly considered friends.

Anita and I have been following Ned's health challenges via Billie's Blog and some email. He fought a good battle and was lucky to have Billie at his side through it all.

They truly are a couple to admire. We are better for having the chance to get to know Ned through Billie's Blog. A sad time indeed!

Babs said...

Isn't it interesting Calypso how we "connect" with some of our fellow bloggers.
There is an obituary today in the Houston Chronicle about Ned's life if you're interested.
Thanks for writing.

mcm said...

Thank you for posting this (sad) news -- many of us who have never met Billie or Ned have followed them for years via Billie's blog.

I notice that the Houston Chronicle obituary included the following,for those who might wish to make a tangible recognition in Ned's memory:
"In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to The Ned Mercer Memorial Fund at his favorite San Miguel de Allende charity at or Feed The Hungry San Miguel, Inc., 220 N. Zapata Hwy #11, Laredo, TX 78043-4464."