Sunday, June 17, 2012

Locos, no photos and Father's Day...........

The "locos" parade is today.  I've written about it in past years because it is singularly a parade that only happens in San Miguel.  Although this parade always looks like a "spontaneous happening" it is actually planned by cuadros.  Like the groups that plan the Mardi Gras parades in the USA!  Colorful costumes, thrown candy, music, dance and outrageous costumes are the norm. There are also floats.

Many men dress up like women.  Others, both men and women dress like politicians and everything else your imagination can think of. 

The parade began in the 19th century as a way to celebrate the harvest of oranges by the orchard workers. 
It has now morphed into a combination of many saints days that happen in May and June.  Saints that I had never heard of until moving here.  This from a former Catholic school girl. 

It is definitely a "Let the Good Times Roll" kinda parade that has already started and will go on til this evening.  These people have stamina.  Interestingly it is usually hotter then heck on this day but actually today is overcast and quite cool.  The parade and cavorting may go on til night in this case.

The reason I have not posted photos in so long is aggravating.  First, there is a problem on the laptop that I took to the states so I couldn't download while on my trip.  Secondly, my phone service and internet went down on Friday afternoon for no good reason.  I had downloaded the photos to my desktop which is now not useable.  I'm on the laptop using my neighbor's wireless connection but still can't access photos.  Aaargh.

I promise lots of photos soon. Last but surely not least - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.  I thought about this a lot yesterday.  About the men I know as fathers.  My own, of course.  My grandfather who I had very little interaction with but observed.  Uncles.  My son and son-in-laws.  And others.

There are as many different kinds of dads as there are men is my conclusion.  Those that leave a lasting impression, hopefully from their good works and involvement with their children. 

Men who I have known, who do without, so their children can have the things that they feel are important for them.  Love, security, education, a good life. 

My son is a prime example.  For over a year he has not been able to live with his children   There is not a minute of any day or night that he is not concerned and worrying about their welfare.  He has basically given up having a life of his own, stayed in Mexico, not been able to make the kind of living that he is capable of, to be here for his children.  He is the ultimate dad.  He lives for the times he can show love and kindness to them. 

With that said, I honor those men who are fathers and those who want to be.   "Happy Father's Day"

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Shannon said...

I will definitely be at the parade and I share in your salute to great fathers everywhere. My husband, Todd, is one of the greatest!