Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Quiet Time in Mexico

From now until the "sweat birds"' start arriving in mid-June in their SUVS loaded with kids and pets, it will be quiet in Mexico.  The holidays of Semana Santa and Labor Day are behind us.

The days are warming up to about 90 although, thankfully, the humidity is below 20%.  It is time for siestas in the warmest part of the afternoon or a tall, cool, drink and a good book.

The beaches are probably empty.  They will be, more or less, until next November when the "snow birds" arrive back in full force.

It's a lovely time to be here.  No traffic.  Few people on the benches.  Only us hardy locals here to enjoy things like Wednesdays buying fresh veggies and fruits or shopping at the traveling markets on Tuesday without the benefit of crowds.

Not many events going on as happens during "the season".  Except, there will be a Paella Cook-off on Saturday that I don't intend to miss.  I'll walk over, wander around under the large trees, sample delicious paella, talk to friends and then head home before the afternoon sun starts to boil.  They expect to have 100 chefs!  It is such a time consuming dish to make that it will be fun (and delicious) to sample the fare.
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Hi Babs,
I have just devoured your whole blog and want to take you out for coffee immediately.
But alas I live in Australia so if I could extend to you a rain check for a later day.
I too have started my own blog about a 3 weeks ago and like you am astounded at the countries it is bouncing to.
You write beautifully and obviously have a great sense of fun.
What a courageous lady you are.
I am going to tell you why I am going to follow your blog and that is because it's very real and unpretentious. Also the fact that we are hopeing to visit SMDA next year.
Have a fantastic day Babs and Velcro.
Belinda x

Babs said...

Hi Belinda - Thanks so much for commenting and telling me about yourself.
We might not have coffee person to person but you can pour a cup in Australia and you can read my blog and I'll read yours.
I've bookmarked you and read a few posts. NICE.
Look forward to meeting you also, whenever!