Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Peaceable Kingdom

Stopped by my friends Ron and Fred's house yesterday.  I wanted to see how their gardens are blooming.  Beautifully.

Unexpectedly though, the fun part of the time I was visiting was the escapades of "Reina" the cocker and "Cally" the cat who adopted them.

The photo above is not in perfect focus (probably because I was laughing).  What you can't tell is that the cat has her paws around the dogs neck and the dog has her paws around the cat as they wrestled.  This went on and on.  Around the house they would go.  The cat leaping on the dog's back.  The dog going after the cat. Ron and Fred tell me this goes on all the time.  We were laughing until we had tears in our eyes.

It was just pure unadulterated joyful fun - both for the animals and us.

Life is good. 
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