Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt - 2011

Oops, here's the photo that didn't post on the last blog!  Sweet isn't  it?


sparks_mex said...

Looks like she stold all his eggs

... and I'll post here so I don't have to do "funny words" twice

Egg dye in Mexico? Haven't looked but. And Easter Egg hunts ... now that was fun a long time ago

Babs said...

You use food coloring with vinegar to make easter egg dye. You're right it does look like she got most of the eggs. Too bad they didn't get to do it this year now that they are a year older!

maria luz said...

So very sweet! I can look at kids pics all day long!

maria luz

Babs said...

Just wish I had been able to have an easter egg hunt this year....oh well, there is always next year, hopefully.