Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 Our Mayan guide told us that Tulum was one of the last sites built. He also said that only about 100 people lived here - the royalty of the Mayan Empire.  Well, all I can say is these people knew how to pick a site. I came through the small opening in the rock wall, turned left and headed for the water.  Can you tell that I was starved to see the Sea?
 What a gorgeous site!  I loved the breeze.  I confess I didn't walk the whole site.  I just drank in the beauty of the sea. 
 What buildings I did see were nothing like other pyramids I've seen. 
What can I say?
 As I was leaving I saw this iguana.  I took several photos as he camouflaged himself.  In fact, I wasn't sure looking through my view finder whether I had gotten him or not til I saw the photos on a larger screen!
 This is the tiny entrance to the Tulum site.  I'd say the wall is about ten feet thick...............
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