Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cycle of Life





I thought about titling this A Typical Day in San Miguel, but there is no such thing. I like it that way. Never knowing what to expect. It adds adventure to every day.

I started down the hill yesterday morning to the "Monday Morning Coffee Klatch" group. On my way, one section of the street had houses decorated with crepe paper flowers in pink and blue. Ahh, a birthday on the weekend. No one would have a hard time knowing where to go for that fiesta. What fun! I remember as a little girl being so excited before my birthday that I couldn't sleep the night before. I'm sure it is still the same for children nowadays.

As I passed Plaza Civica, which is another place where many events occur, lots of children in their school uniforms were getting ready to watch other children playing musical instruments. It is summer vacation. I wondered as I passed if you could get kids in the USA to dress up in their uniforms to go listen to music. Hmmmm.

I met the coffee klatch group. We discussed all manner of subjects such as where to find this or that; how great the weather is; who is going where this week. In other words, nothing of great importance. I like it that way. It's more about just being with friends then subject matter. I only hang around about 45 minutes and then head off to run errands.

On my way back up the hill, I passed one of the thirty-two churches in San Miguel. There was a very new, black, shiny hearse with flowers on top. A surprising sight. Typically it is an older, smaller not so fancy hearse that the people walk behind to the cemetary. This must have been an important person.

From birthdays to death, the cycle of life. And, another day of life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
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Rick said...

Babs, I just love your blog and love your view on life. I admire the choices you make everyday to live big and enjoy regardless of what comes your way.
You set a wonderful example for all of us, even Steve Cotton ;>)

Cheers to you and have a great day (I know you will)

Babs said...

Geez, Rick, thanks so much. Truth be known, I'm just stumbling through day by day like the rest of the world. Although I do see the cup half full not half empty. I think that's the secret!