Friday, July 01, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys





Sitting in the jardin one day this week, I watched with a smile on my face, as a few little boys climbed all over the metal benches and even attempted to climb up the light pole. They just couldn't be still. Nearby were a few classmates, girls just watching them. None of the girls climbed all over the benches or attempted to scale the lamp post.

It brought back memories of my son and grandsons. How different in temperament boys are from girls. If your first child is a girl, nothing prepares you for the next child that is a boy. Nothing. And I do mean nothing. Girls want to please. They usually are neat and orderly. NOT boys. I remember when my son was two. I was on the phone and the next thing I saw was a tire tool going through the bay window. Where did he get that? Heck if I know - it was such a shock!

Now when Matilda and Sebastian come over, Mati is content to play quietly while Sebastian is like a whirling dervish. Exploring everything. It makes me laugh out loud.

Sitting in the jardin, even for a few minutes, always provides lessons and memories of life. Viva Mexico!
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Michael Dickson said...

Boys and girls and men and women are very different, something the feminista elites of both genders in the U.S. deny.

Babs said...

If you've been a parent of a boy and girl there is no way you can't tell that they are different in activities, attitude and ENERGY!