Sunday, July 24, 2011

842 and counting!

Someone once told me that women speak 5,000 words a day and men about 1,000. Now I don't know if that was a joke. Or even if it was true or statistically correct. I don't really talk very much. But I do enjoy posting the blog.

It's beyond me what I could possibly have written in 842 posts. Probably less then 30 were worth reading. Well maybe a few more. But, in my opinion, not many more.

For some reason people do read it - close to 5,000 a month. I've mentioned this before and just writing that number is surreal.

Two very pleasant things happened this weekend that would not have happened had I not been writing the blog.

A woman from Lindale, Tx and her husband saw me on my "Friday bench sitting" and came up and said, "You're Babs aren't you?" Blow me over. I had on sunglasses and my hair pulled up - to me I didn't even look like Babs. But she recognized me and we had a delightful, brief conversation. It turns out that she has been reading the blog for over three years.

Then on Saturday Marc of Merida who writes a blog on living there after moving from ALASKA, took the bus over from Queretaro to see Steve, who he had met before and myself.

We had the longest conversation I've ever had on blogs. Interesting how the three of us each approach the writing and the end result in completely different ways.

In the conversation, I discovered that Steve writes his post out in long hand. His are very detailed and full of facts. Marc said sometimes he works a day or two on a post. His too are full of information. I, on the other hand, just sit down and write. It shows. I'm seldom detail oriented, not to their extent.

It's kinda like I designed restaurants for twenty years. I would create the concept in my mind. I would let it roll around up there - move the food counters, or the windows and doors - always in my mind. Think of the finishes and furnishings. Then when I sat down at the drafting table to create, it all flowed out. Elevation drawings, floor plans, lighting plans, finish schedules, all that was required just came out of somewhere. Up to 10 pages, not the MEP drawings which were contracted out.

It's just how I think. I didn't know other people couldn't walk through rooms in their heads or see elevations until I mentioned it to a client and he looked at me like I was an alien.

So, I guess there will be a few more posts. Hopefully I still have a few things to say and more pictures to post.

I'm even contemplating another blog if I can figure out how to do it anonymously.


Jonna said...

Congratulations! Longevity is fairly rare among bloggers, getting more so now due to Facebook.

I'm with you on how I write posts, something sticks in my head and seems like it would contain a post, I sit down and write it. I edit it a bit right then but generally hit publish within a half hour of starting. I tried to plan them out one time, when I went back to work on them again I wasn't as inspired and they seemed forced, I think this is the only way i can do it.

I'm always contemplating another blog that is anonymous. Two things though, anonymity is not all that secure in these times and how would you get it read by the people you are interested in reading it? Plus, I think we all have a fairly distinctive 'voice' and I'm pretty sure that mine would be recognized pretty quickly. I would sure have a lot more to say though, it's very tempting.

Steve Cotton said...

If your posts were not worth reading, there would not be 5000 hits a month. Yours was one of the blogs that convinced me Mexico and Steve would be a good mix.

billow said...

I certainly hope you will continue posting your interesting and informative blog. If you started posting anonymously, hou would we ever find them?

Babs said...

Glad you commented Jonna - glad to know someone else works the way I do. I don't really care if anyone knows who writes my blog and the one I want to write is about my "youthful days", about 30 years ago.
I think it would find its own audience not necessarily the same one but I can't figure out how to do it anonymously. Yes, it is tempting and I've been thinking about it for a year or two. Maybe......some day.

Babs said...

Thanks Steve - glad it had a slight impact on your life.

Bill, it would probably be a totally different audience as it might, at times, get a little racy.......

It is fun to think about - whether I do it or not, we'll see. I was telling someone this weekend about our serendipitous meeting and your mentioning my exporting furniture and I know I looked at you with a startled look. You were the first person I knew who read the blog! A funny memory for me.

Homer1 said...

The style of your blog is as if you are letting all 5,000 of us get a peek into your journal (which I guess is what a blog can be). It is like having a conversation with a friend. Something catches your eye, a question pops into your head and you share it with all of us. I like your style and look forward to reading babsblog.

Life's a Beach! said...

Babs, I had the same thing happen to me in a restaurant on Isla Mujeres in June. Someone called me Beck and it took me a few moments to realize why they knew me. It was kind of a frightening moment. Ha! Congrats on your longevity! Your blog has an 'everyday Babs style' to it that I love!

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez said...

Babs, thank yoy four your comment in my blog and keep writing, I enjoy your news.

Babs said...

Unknown, what a lovely way to put that. Thank you so much. The odd thing is that I have never journaled. Someone once criticized me for not journaling. Of course back then I never, never, never had a free minute for anything.
So maybe the joyful freedom of retirement has allowed me to open my mind to reflection and comments.

Babs said...

Beck, isn't it a surreal feeling! Thanks for the compliment. I feel the same about your writing and your photography.

CARLOS, I'm so glad you commented recently. Your first. It lead me to your magnificent blog and your beautiful writing. A treasure!

Anonymous said...

If you took away sports and beer, most men wouldn't say much of anything at all.

I'm a good example. I have no interest in sports or beer, and I rarely open my mouth except to eat.

Regarding your blog: You do a fine job. To do an anonymous one, and I've tried, it's kind of a headache. You have to open an entirely different account using a different email. Sometimes, it appears, the cookies on your computer make it hard to pull off.

-- Felipe