Sunday, May 29, 2011

Temple Grandin

There is a local cafe where the owner sells DVD's in English for 40 pesos. I go by maybe once a month to get a few. Juan is a cool guy and I always ask him what he recommends. He knows I don't want anything with violence. He also knows that I like documentaries and foreign films.

Last time I was there I bought four DVD's, my max on any one visit. One I purchased was the PBS series on Frank Lloyd Wright. Juan also knows I like architecture. It was a great series. I couldn't remember what he told me about Temple Grandin. I thought it must be about architecture or gardening perhaps because of the title.

I watched it last night. It is NOT about gardening. Claire Danes is the star. I don't know when this movie came out but if it is recent, she should be nominated for best actress for this role. Fabulous.

The story is about a woman who is autistic. How her mother guides her and encourages her to develop even though she didn't speak until after age 4. It is discovered by her high school science teacher that she has a photographic memory and when a phrase is said, she sees it in images in her mind. The cinematography in this movie is excellent.

This single woman, with her near genius intellect discovered in high school, despite the bullying and difficulty of getting along with others, single handedly changed the world of animal husbandry. You'll have to see it to believe it. A young girl in the stockyards of the "good ole boys" network

It is a true story. A heartwarming and amazing story with incredible acting. Temple Grandin is now a Professor at Colorado State University in animal husbandry. She has a Doctorate. She also travels around the country talking about autism from her viewpoint to help parents and health care givers to understand this condition.

My grandson is autistic. He is thirteen years old now. His autism was caused by Fragile X Syndrome. This movie certainly gave me a huge new insight into autism. It was very uplifting.

Seldom do I see a movie, The King's Speech comes to mind, where the acting is on this level. See it and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

A few moments with Google reveal the movie came out about a year ago from HBO. It won seven Emmys.

-- Felipe

Babs said...

Thanks Felipe - now that you mention it I did see previews and they were from HBO. How great to know that it was recognized. I'll check out Google. I never think to do that....YOU are so smart!

Life's a Beach! said...

That was one of my favorite surprise movies last year. I taught autistic children way back when, and in my part-time work now, which involves educational testing, I'm occasionally seated next to an autistic man. He's very humbling to work with because he has an eidetic memory and is lightning quick. I really admire employers who accommodate differences.

Babs said...

Thanks for the post Beck. I've been heartened by the kindness by classmates shown to my grandson, Andrew. He doesn't really interact with the kids, but they are extremely protective of him. I don't know what will happen when he gets to highschool. Most of the kids he goes to school with now have known him since first grade. Andrew has taught us all many life lessons.........all positive.

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

This movie gave me great hope also. My granddaughter has symptoms of Asperger's and watching this movie helped me know that nothing is impossible for her.