Sunday, May 15, 2011

Being a "Beach Bum"

A week at the beach is NEVER enough for me - it takes me that long to unwind. But, one must be GRATEFUL for what one gets and not whine. I still wish I could have stayed longer.

It was a PERFECT week in so many ways! First of all, my son was able to travel with me - a delightful time to talk, travel together, walk the beach and just "hang out". A huge surprise and one that I'm extremely grateful to have experienced. As a Mom, I always treasure these times, but often think, "Well this is the last time I'll have one on one time", with whichever one I'm with.

The second perfect thing is that the weather was wonderful. Someone who had just returned from that area told me it was cooler at the beach then San Miguel. THAT was all I had to hear to head out - quickly. IT WAS!

The third perfect thing was we were staying at an old friend of thirty years home.
It is in Calachosas right on the beach. To get to my friend's home is a circuitous drive down a "barely there" dirt path. And I DO mean "barely there". But oh my, when you come over the rise in the path and see the ocean, your heart sings. How spectacular. One of the photos is from the house looking toward Cuastacomante. This was my view from the bedroom or while sitting out under the enormous palapa roofed sala. BLISS.

A couple of trips to La Manzanilla to enjoy the beach and eat at Yolanda's. Two peaceful days. A couple of short trips into Melaque for groceries and fresh seafood to cook. And, a trip to Barre de Navidad on Mother's Day evening where the sunset photo and the photo of my son and I were taken.
It's interesting to show an area that you've been to many times to someone new. You get a different perspective. Truly La Manzanilla, Melaque and Barre de Navidad are each unique and none are like the other. The thought had never occurred to me before sharing it with my son.

Yes, I can easily be a beach bum - give me a few months over there and I'll prove it to you. I reverted to no makeup, few clothes and no shoes in less then a week. I can't imagine what would happen if I were there a few months.



Life's a Beach! said...

Looks heavenly! Can't wait to be a beach bum again myself in a month.

Dan in NC said...

Luvly photos Babs! Glad to hear you had a great time! You deserved it!
Dan in NC