Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lessons of life..........everywhere!

I never know what I'm going to write about until I sit down at the computer. Maybe a general idea, sometimes, but not often.

That's why other peoples blogs are so well written and succinct. I think I tend to ramble and often forget to make a point. Oh well, that's me.

BUT yesterday I saw something that made me laugh and taught me a little lesson.

Friday's I try to be in the jardin to see everyone, buy the paper, hear what's going on for the weekend and generally just schlepp around. Usually find friends to have lunch's a Friday thing.

A group of us were sitting on the bench talking, but watching the constant parade of people in front of us. The parade included pigeons too.

There were a couple of these feathered guys strutting around. Someone walking by dropped a couple of round, hard pretzels. I presume for the pigeons. One of the pigeons picked it up and threw it around trying to break it open. Now I'm mesmerized wondering how this pigeon is going to get to eat this pretzel. He tried for at least a minute or two. Then he dropped it. Someone walked by and stepped on it. NOW the pigeon could eat it. It was all broken up for him and his buddy.

For me the lesson was "Have patience - sooner or later someone will come by and step on your pretzel".

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Steve Cotton said...

Seeing you watch the pretzel-puzzled pigeon would have been a photograph worth taking.