Monday, March 07, 2011

San Miguel Street Scene


Walking down Cuesta de San Jose early Saturday morning, this scene made me laugh. I kind of did a double take. The other burro, was tied to a telephone pole, but this guy was sticking his head in the tienda.

The herder came out of the tienda and took some food to the burro that was tied up, but this other guy steadily stared into the store. Strapped on his back is the load for the day. Tierra. Dirt to sell to homeowners to use in their gardens.

The dirt sellers come out of the mountains surrounding San Miguel. They walk for hours and can't go home til they've sold all that they have brought. I'm told that is because they live so high up. I don't know if that is a fact.

In the cold months they come down with loads of firewood. It is piled high on their backs. And again, they don't go home til it is all gone.

I do usually see them heading home late in the afternoon. It is a long day.

So, maybe this burro was looking for a snack - to help him carry his load for the day.
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Calypso said...

I hadn't thought about topsoil salesmen - makes sense. Not sense in Xico where there is plenty everywhere - but here in Puerto Escondido we would buy a few bags to augment the sandy soil.

Those mountain folks are resourceful - no doubt. So are the burros ;-)

Babs said...

Good to hear from you Calypso. Haven't had contact for quite a while. So, I see you're in Puerto Escondido. HAVE a pina colada for me, ok?