Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Entering My 70th Year........SOON


I'm approaching my 69th birthday soon, which means I'm entering my 70th year! Holy moly. It's a daunting task.........

I've frolicked through my sixties enjoying the freedom of retirement.

Living in Mexico has added significantly to the enjoyment. The solitude has been deliciou. Retirement has been waaaaay better then I could ever have imagined.

The freedom to do whatever you want, when you want, wherever you want. How delicioius.

But now, reality is settling in and as I approach my seventies, I wonder how will things change.

My curiosity relentlessly wonders, will I ask the same question in ten years as I enter my eighties? OR do I only have this decade to complete my life? If so, what will my end be? Oh my, it's too scary to think about.

So, I'll be like Scarlette and say, "I'll think about that tomorrow"....or maybe not at all!
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Bob Mrotek said...

In the Polish neighborhood in Chicago where I grew up we used to say "Sto Lat" when someone close to us had a birthday. It is short for "Sto lat, niech żyje, żyje nam" or "May she live for us one hundred years". And sooooo, if God hears our prayers and grants us our wish then you have at least thirty more years to enjoy San Miguel. You better get used to the idea. Sto Lat Babs! Here is the Polish "happy birthday" song and a translation:

Sto lat, sto lat,
Niech żyje, żyje nam.
Sto lat, sto lat,
Niech żyje, żyje nam,
Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, niech żyje, żyje nam,
Niech żyje nam!

A hundred years, a hundred years,
May she live, live for us.
A hundred years, a hundred years,
May she live, live for us.
Once again, once again, may she live, live for us,
May she live for us!

Babs said...

Thanks Bob for the Polish song. I remember the Polish neighborhood in Chicago. My oldest brother dated a girl in high school who lived there. I also remember that when I made my First Communion she gave me a cute purse made of straw and red leather. Now HOW in the world can I remember that?
My sister-in-law is Polish and oh my can she and her now deceased mother cook! Kolaches in Texas are a favorite...........Just your mention of Polish brought back all kinds of good memories.....gracias

Irene said...

As you enter your 70th year you have shown us all how to retire with grace and gusto. I will soon be entering my 60th year and although retirement for me is still years away I will remember what you have taught me through your blog.

And, slightly off topic, I really like how you re-did your home. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Calypso said...

Babs - So much of getting older is about attitude. On a positive note - Happy Birthday.

The Leadership Mastery Map said...

Being 69 is fine. Beat you by six weeks as always. Being in 70th year is a whole other way to look at it. I am already talking about being 70 so when it comes it just rolls off my tongue rather than being stalled out by a "what the hell happened" moment. See you next week!

Heaven's Gate said...

You jest. Surely not. I am so inspired by you, your life, your lust for living. When you post a photo along with the age.... I'm just doesn't translate. What we're reading and what we're seeing are two different things.

Whatever you're doing - keep it up! You're gorgeous - and I can only hope to follow (not that far behind - I'm coming up on 61 in a few weeks) with as much style and grace.

Happy Day, whenever it is!


Steve Cotton said...

Whatever you do, keep sharing with us the joy that is your life. You are one good egg.

Marc Olson said...

I am a little bit behind you, but not that far...

I think the key to "getting on" in a good way is attitude. We can't control what happens around us, but we are always in charge of our own attitude toward it. From reading your blog I believe that you have a good long stretch before you. Happy Birthday.

Babs said...

Hi Irene - Well I don't know about the "grace" part but with gusto! I can't relate to the fact that I'm turning 69 - it doesn't seem possible. I sure don't feel it.......thankfully. Glad you liked the redo.

Babs said...

Calypso - I try to keep an "attitude", positive or not. It seems to work. Heaven's Gate - what a name - thanks for posting and I too feel a disconnect to the age thing.
Bruce, looking forward to showing you and Judith around SMA. Yes, I know you're six weeks older then me - ha.
Steve - if I'm a good egg, am I scrambled, hardboiled or cracked?
Marc - I so agree with you. You have to seize the moment or moments to make life memorable....and an adventure. I've tried to do that my whole life. Hopefully I do have a long stretch - well as long as my money holds out......

maria luz said...

Barbara, in total agreement with irene. And you look fabulous, Dear!

I will be entering my 60th year the very next day, and actually excited about this one since my hubby is now retired and can stay home and play with me. Yippeeeee!

Have a happy one!

maria luz said...

I'm with you, Scarlett.
I'm ahead of you and life is good, odd, funny and full of surprises. I do miss our hanging out together and our adventures on the road.

Michael Dickson said...

You are to be commended for knowing that it's your 70th year you are entering on your 69th birthday. Almost everyone else would have assumed it was the 69th.

But you're looking good. I commend you for that too.