Sunday, October 10, 2010

National Pride


This year 2010 has been a celebration for the last nine months. Most of it culminated in September with the Fiesta Patrias celebrations. San Miguel was SOLD OUT.........not one of the 8000 hotel rooms was vacant. YEE HA.

On my way to the Immigration Office last week to pick up my new FM-3 card, this car was parked behind me. It made me giggle. I LOVE it!

I do enjoy seeing the pride of the people in their country. The car is a great example. VIVA MEXICO.
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Michael Dickson said...

At first glance, I assumed the little car was government issue, but it appears not. You´re right. It´s fun. I would do that. Of course, I would not fit in that car.

Babs said...

No Senor, you would NOT fit in there. Well, you might, but not comfortably......