Saturday, July 03, 2010

Letting Go Of The Past



I'm taking a big step next week. I'm selling almost all of my design library. The books that I moved down here ten years ago. Just in case I needed them for inspiration or statistics. Just in case I designed a restaurant, hotel or retail space. Luckily I haven't designed anything since I left Texas and its waaaaaay past time to let go and let someone else utilize and enjoy the tomes of knowledge and color.

It's interesting that when I decided to get rid of everything prior to leaving Texas, with the exception of books, art, photographs and a few kitchen items, that I never looked back with regret of any of the sold items. But, letting go of books, that is SO hard for me to do.

Now after I read a book I do pass it on before I have time to keep it. But the design library, I guess it was part of my previous identity.

As you can see in the second photo, I'm not getting rid of everything. I still have quite a few books on the architecture of Mexico along with interiors and folkart books of Mexico.

Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day! I'm taking baby steps to rid myself of possessions that I don't use anymore. Little by little. Step by step.
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Tancho said...

Well,today I am cleaning out stuff, and the mistake I make is to sit down and look at the notes , newsletters and other stuff that brings back memories. Boxes of stuff, so out it goes, keeping one (1) item from each era.
I remember the nightmare of cleaning out my mothers "stuff" after she died. I don't want to leave that for anyone to do...
Trick is to clean out by the time you check out!
There are so many fond memories, but no one else seems to care about. Uncluttered is my goal, keep one or two, then purge those in a few years or two.
Good Luck!

Babs said...

Great minds think alike, Tancho. I too sorted through my Mom's stuff and don't want my kids to have to do that. I don't have much, but in some ways too much. Besides, it feels freeing to clear stuff out, doesn't it?

Steve Cotton said...

I am with you on books. I just camnnot turn loose of them -- even though I know I can easily find the same information on the internet -- sometimes faster.

Maps are my worst obsession. I can find maps on the internet, but I still like sitting down with an atlas in my hands. It just feels more substantial. And I will probably always prefer a highway map over a GPS. My analog way of thinking, I suspect.

Calypso said...

I have been doing some cleaning out, giving away, donating etc. here in New Mexico - such a difficult process and a mix of relief and sorrow.