Sunday, July 11, 2010



It's a battle cry of epic proportions. At least that's what happens to me when I know i'm going to have a house guest for a period of time. Its ridiculous the lengths I will go to "get ready" for company.

Now my house is always clean and neat to the naked eye, BUT if you were to look in a couple of drawers, you would be aghast at the amount of hair products, old prescriptions, and assorted lists and paper. I realize that no one is going to ever look in these drawers, but I guess it is a good excuse to clean them up.

OMG, I have thrown out three grocery bags of stuff. Don't cringe. Prescription bottles from 2002 and later; empty hair product bottles (I presume I saved them so I would remember what to buy), NOT. Lists. Gosh I'm a list maker. Today I actually consolidted some.

For instance, books. I'll read about a book, grab a teeny weeny piece of paper and write the book name down. I must have had about 30 little teeny weeny pieces of paper. I actually took time to put it all on one sheet of paper to order next time I'm in the states. Many can be bought used and in paperback for a few dollars.

The other thing I do before company is coming is cook. I'm resisting the urge to do that this time. Rather, I'm just going to buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This is THE season for that and will be a good way to eat when we're not eating in the great restaurants of San Miguel.

Now that all that is cleaned up, that's about it from this side of the border. Anticipation is always fun, don't you think?
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Tancho said...

My feeling is that if it is a really good friend you don't need to do any of that last minute stuff. My wife and I don't invite as many people as I'd like, because she is a fanatic about everything being spotless. Damn those front covers of living magazines.
That is not reality, yes you should have clothes tossed around,but one should be realistic. After all people are coming over to enjoy time with you, and you needn't get stressed out over it. ( that's from a man's perspective ) Have a good time and enjoy the visit, Gotta go, need to toss out my old stuff out of the medicine cabinet that I haven't used for years...... said...

And I thought the Queen was just visiting the US...had no idea she was headed your way. I just hope she doesn't wear that God-awful outfit she wore to the UN. At a certain age, it behooves one to give up cabbage rose prints.

JerryL said...

I was under the impression that every expat living in SMA had a maid.