Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny Toes That Grew.........





She was the first born grandchild. What a surprise! I was 50 and not thinking I was ready to be a Grammy yet, but she changed my mind - quickly. Happy go lucky, good baby, always smiling. What a delight. I would call and say, "Can she spend the weekend with me?" and she did. She and I must hold the record for watching more Barney videos then any other human on earth - if not THE record a close second. Add to that Fantasia - not the scary parts, we fast forwarded those - but the rest of it with the music, which she adored.

There are so many memories that I would have to write a book. She knows how much she means to me and has always been kind and loving, always. When I got Flash the dog when she was a baby just learning to crawl, it never occurred to her that Flash wasn't HER dog that just happened to live at my house. It was a mutual admiration society.

Imagine my surprise when this spring while emptying out a trunk I moved to Mexico nine years ago, I came upon the green Tinker Bell slippers that she marched to Barney songs in at about the age of three. Her mom was having a garage sale a few years later and I grabbed them and saved them........for Jessica. For all the memories.

I wanted her to be able to take them to Texas A&M with her so I put them in a small shadowbox so she could hang them on the wall. Hopefully they'll remind her that baby steps become big steps to whatever she strives to achieve. And she is an achiever be it music, scholastics, working and her charity work. What a kid........oops, young lady.

I managed to keep dry eyes throughout the whole weekend and graduation ceremony until she came running to me and gave me a big hug. Then the floodgates opened and tears of pride and love were evident. Her response, "Oh Grammy". The sweetest words on earth!
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Calypso said...

A very nice story...and a pretty girl like her 'grammy'.

Babs said...

Awww, aren't you so kind!

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Cute picture of you two! I've kept a pair of Christopher's baby shoes for the same reason. Good idea to put them in a shadow box.

Steve Cotton said...

Great story. Great photograph. Two great women. You are both to be congratulated.

Babs said...

Well, thank you Steve. To further embellish the story, Jessica kept a 4.4 GPA because of all of her advanced courses WHILE in the Band, working many hours a week, and her charity work. I'm VERY VERY proud of her. Can you tell?
The principal at Grad commented that the grad class had over $7 million in scholarships awarded so far! This generation is very dedicated to their education!