Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Party's Over!

Well, the ones in Houston anyway. I'm heading outta town manana and heading South of The Border on Thursday morning.

I've seen allllllll the family, visited with friends (but not all of them) and eaten great food at some new eateries in town. Got to Galveston and other points on the Gulf Freeway to see friends..........but, the tent needs to be folded and I NEED to get back to the tranquility of San Miguel de Allende.

It's been a "hoot" as they say in Texas. Way more then I expected and lots of funny and poignant memories. I'll fill you in when I can also use photos on the blogs.

I'll see you on down the road in a few more days. Hopefully I'll be safe and sound in San Miguel when that happens.

Hasta luego.


Tancho said...

Can only take so much,eh?
Just in time for the rains....

Calypso said...

Have a safe trip - hope to get my fill of Las Vegas and head home soon.

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Well, it was fun while you lasted. Come back soon.