Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beauty everywhere!





Some of the photos I'm going to be posting in the next few blogs were taken in the last month. I didn't have my cord with me to download photos but that has been rectified.

I grouped these flowers because they are so diverse. The first tiny blue flowers were in a ditch on the side of a winding road where water stood. I have no idea what they are, other then "tiny blue flowers". I stopped alongside more roads in West Virginia then I think I've ever done before..........what fun.

Then there is the delicacy of the dogwood blossoms. Trees everywhere - big, big trees of dogwoods. Usually in the piney woods of East Texas they seem to me that they were always small trees hidden in the shadows of the pines. Not in West Virginia. They were big and full.

Lilacs everywhere - something not possible to smell in the South - well, at least not in Texas in my past life. I've never forgotten the fragrance. I almost had to stop for each bush I saw so that I could smell that exquisite fragrance.

And, look how graceful those "lowly" dandelions are. To some they are a nuisance, to me they are beauty. The light was just right. I didn't even notice the texture or color of the fence in the background until I saw the photo. Of all four photos, that is my favorite. Both for the "flowers" and the composition.
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Calypso said...

I use to love to blow the white 'feathers' off those dandelions when I was a kid - 'still sounds like fun ;-)

Thanks for the memory amiga!

Billie Mercer said...

I love the dandelions too.

Babs said...

Me too Calypso. Glad you liked them also Billie.........
BTW, Billie, I'm back in San MIguel if you want to meet for coffee.....with your bread! Ha.