Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Was a Hoot




On my last day drive around West Virginia for a little "stop and start" photographing, I spied this red barn that I had admired many times on our treks to town. I liked the juxtaposition of the horses against the barn and the forest in the background. So I asked my trusty driver and "man" to stop so I could get out for a photo op. He obliged.

While photographing the horses, I was reminded of myself as a little girl making a clucking sound that used to bring the horses running for apples or sugar cubes. I had none but I clucked anyway.

All of a sudden this white donkey came determinedly toward me. I mean head down and hunkered. "Oh my", I thought. Now what. I don't have anything to feed him. But, he kept coming. I kept photographing.

I'm now standing straddled over a ditch where the night before the frogs were so loud that I thought the tires on the car were blowing out or something. Then we rolled the windows down and listened to a frog symphony all the way home.

Anyway, the thought of a frog jumping up my pants DID occur to me, but heck, I had bigger things to focus on - like this approaching donkey. So, when he stuck his head over the fence, I snapped a photo and jumped back. I felt so bad that he had come all that way and I had no gift.

I didn't look at the photo until we got home. And then we laughed. I swear he is grinning and has his eyebrows raised! What a hoot.........what fun.
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Steve Cotton said...

He undoubtedly wanted to meet the famous Babs of SMA.

Matthew Smith said...

I went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for you. The donkey asked for you. He even inquired about you.... What a cute donkey!! I think he likes you.
Jan in Mississippi

Babs said...

Well Steve, that's a "hoot" too. Cause I'm more infamous then famous.
Jan, I love the Audubon Zoo. fond memories of being there as a child an adult. The expression on this donkey just makes me smile.... It has been said in the past that I have attracted some "jackasses".......ha.

Michael Dickson said...

Nice line about attracting jackasses, señora.

You gotta kiss lots of frogs, etc., etc.

Babs said...

Dear Felipe - I do believe I've kissed my last frog and found my prince.....thankfully.

No more jackasses or frogs for me.