Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm San Miguel de Allende





Rolled in late, late, late last night after a stressful day of long security lines, delayed flights, a ten minute run through Terminal B with two minutes to spare to catch my connecting flight to Mexico. Oy vey, I'm getting waaaay too old for all those shenanigans.

I admit, not even reluctantly, that it's 10:30AM and I'm still in my robe and jammies. What's a girl to do?

Anyway, it is magnificently beautiful here with bourganvilla, daisies, azaleas, butterfly lilies and a myriad of other flowers all blooming. Lovely.

However, I took a little ride on the backroads of West Virginia the day before I left, and the photos on the blog were of a few of the sights I saw. Forsythia, the yellow plant, must be the state flower. It is everywhere. It is an old fashioned plant that I haven't seen in years. They have even used it in that area as boundary markers. Extremely etheral and colorful. In addition, the jonquils or daffodils planted on old homesteads were growing wild in many places even though the dwellings were long gone.

West Virginia and Virginia are certainly beautiful places - especially now that the snow is gone. I kinda wished I was staying a few more weeks so I could see all the peach, apple and cherry blossoms. There were buds on the trees as you can see in the last photo of the golf course, but very few full blooming trees, yet.

In the past, I have always longed to get back home - sometimes cutting my trips short. Not this time. I'm here but also missing there. Hmmm, very interesting.
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Tis interesting friend is expanding and I love it.

Michael Dickson said...

My wife and I have not been on a plane in about five years. Haven´t missed it in the slightest.

Welcome home, señorita.

By the way, the jeepakistan comment is spam.