Friday, February 05, 2010

Niagra Falls in San Miguel de Allende




I first heard the sound on Wednesday night. By then it had been raining forty-eight hours, non-stop. It NEVER rains non-stop in San Miguel. A couple of hours at night is the norm. NOT this time. It started during the night of Monday and finally stopped late on Thursday afternoon. Did I mention it was non-stop? Eight inches is what the statistics show.

And these photos, which I ventured to take from the roof terrace last evening, tell the story even more vividly.

The sound I heard Wednesday night was the floodgates being opened up in the botanical gardens and the waterfall or torrent cascading down the mountain side into the presa (reservoir). It was more then it could hold and it has been overflowing for about 36 hours now! I pray that the walls of the presa will hold or it will be more of a disaster then I could even imagine.

The water is running through the old abandoned and never finished hotel. Club Med started it in 1982 and it still stands there as a silent reminder that someone didn't do their "due diligence". It is beginning to look like a ruin at this point. A BIG gray one.

The sunshine is out - halleluia - and I'm going to finish this post up and get the heck out of the house. I did that on Wednesday. Walking through rivers of water just to get from one side of the street to the other. In addition I lost my house keys and that was another soggy saga that now is funny, but sure wasn't at the time.

I came home. Got in the gate. Thanks to an additional key in my wallet for the gate and then tried to kick the house door open. Well, heck, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. THAT didn't work. Finally I had someone who had a key for the door bring it over and let me in. It was like adding insult to injury to have been wet all day and then have that happen. I'm sure my keys have floated downstream by now. What a mess!

My life is NEVER dull..........
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5 comments: said...

OMG...I know some rain is always welcome to keep the reservoir full but I hope this doesn't turn into something tragic. Wow! Never a dull moment in SM.

Michael Dickson said...

Life is never dull for you because you are one loony woman.

By the way, keeping keys outside for emergencies is a good thing. Keeping them in your wallet next to your address is a bad thing. I´d rethink the method.

But, aside from all that, the sun is shining. It´s time for praise to the bright-lit heavens. Rained more than any pinche 48 hours over here in Pátzcuaro, kiddo. You guys are amateurs.

Steve Cotton said...

And I thought you had got out of Melaque just in time. Out of the stream and into the reservoir,. I guess.

Billie Mercer said...

The abandoned hotel has never ceased to amaze me. I don't even think they had to go as far as due diligence. Just look at the damn dam. That should be enough to know that water is going to go through the hotel at some point.

Sorry about the keys. What a pain on a rainy day.

Rick said...

Hopefully the lakes and reservoirs will fill up and end the drought conditions in your area.
I have always been fascinated with that large structure in the river-course. Just a couple of years ago it was supposed to be completed as a luxury spa. I'm sure that skin hydration will be handy there but life vests will need to be included in all rooms.